move to Hollywood

Making the Move to Hollywood — It’s a Tough Decision. Here Are a Few Things To Consider

There’s nothing like a move to Hollywood to set your star on the rise. Expert Cindy Trillo gives the following advice.  Only recently, Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth admitted that he was once on the verge of giving up on his acting career as he was running out of money to support himself. Now he’s one of the highest…

Lindsey Buckingham Palace

Lindsey Buckingham Palace in Brentwood Premieres on the Market

Yet another Lindsey Buckingham palace is up for sale—this one a longtime family home. If you happen to purchase a property owned by former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, you’re not simply acquiring a place with a rock star pedigree. A buyer will also benefit from the mad skills of an elite interior designer—Buckingham’s wife, Kristen.…

Dome Home

Dome Home Curious? Here’s a Compound That’s Reasonably Priced (for L.A.)

This dome home “rocker” compound in Eagle Rock will have you singing a new tune. This recently renovated “rocker compound” in the hills of Los Angeles is a bit different. On the second story of one of the two houses on the property is an intriguing geodesic dome loft. The dome, which peeks over the…

Lisa Henson House

The Lisa Henson House — My Favorite Design Style

I’m frequently asked about my favorite architectural/design style. Daughter of California that I am, you’ll see how the Lisa Henson house embodies all I hold dear. As much as I love clean modern lines and appreciate the virtues of the traditional 1930’s home where I currently live, it’s the classic California Spanish Revival style that…

Brady Bunch House Renovation

Brady Bunch House Renovation — The Latest, Greatest Scoop

Forget about finding out who takes the Iron Throne. What avid TV watchers really want to know is what’s going on at the Brady Bunch house renovation? Ever since HGTV bought the original house used in the exterior shots of the iconic ’70s TV series and then vowed to restore it both inside and out…

La La Land house

LA LA LAND House Makes a Splash on the Market

Remember that great La La Land house where the fully dressed guy takes a flying leap off the balcony into the pool? It now can be yours for only… Among many other gorgeous musical numbers in 2016’s La La Land, there’s a scene where Emma Stone‘s character and her roommates don primary-color party dresses and…

Avengers Homes

Avengers Homes — Posh Places for Our Trusty Superheroes to Await the Endgame

No spoilers here! I just wanted to suggest a few fine Avengers homes where they can chill until they figure out how to deal with Thanos. When we last saw the Avengers at the end of “Infinity War,” only a handful remained alive. The rest had been vaporized when the evil Thanos snapped his Infinity…


ANIMAL CRIBS Host Antonio Ballatore Helps Make Pets Feel At Home In…Anywhere!

The fascinating Animal Planet show Animal Cribs gives us the scoop on how to make our own homes more animal friendly. It all started with an invite to a goat yoga party in Griffith Park. There I met the fabulous folks from Party Goats LA, and was given a sneak peek at what would be…

Game of Thrones worthy castles

10 GAME OF THRONES Worthy Castles You Can Live in Right Now

To help you revel even more in the final season, here’s a collection of residential, Game of Thrones worthy castles listed here in the U.S.  Since it’s the eighth—and final—season, let’s make the most of it, shall we? Let’s think a little about our own ideal land holdings as we get the answers to questions…

Justin Bieber's

Justin Bieber’s New Garage Sports a Dream Car Collection

Justin Bieber’s autos are appropriately awesome — by Cindy Trillo With a net worth of approximately $265 million, Justin Bieber is without a doubt one of the most successful teen stars of all time.  And at age 24, he’s come a long way since being first signed to RBMG back in 2008. Despite currently facing what has…

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