Making the Move to Hollywood — It’s a Tough Decision. Here Are a Few Things To Consider

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There’s nothing like a move to Hollywood to set your star on the rise. Expert Cindy Trillo gives the following advice. 

move to Hollywood

Only recently, Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth admitted that he was once on the verge of giving up on his acting career as he was running out of money to support himself. Now he’s one of the highest paid Hollywood actors and is able to take a year off to be with his family following his success as Thor.

Making the move to Hollywood can be difficult for anyone, even if you’ve already got your first starring role, since that doesn’t guarantee a successful career. Dream big, but don’t spend big before you’re ready to.

Go big or rent an apartment when you move to Hollywood?

Even if you did have a giant inheritance that enables you to buy a mansion seemingly perfect for a major star, you might want to think twice about it. You’re still making a name for yourself and you need to stabilize your career before making a big investment.

So start with an apartment, like a studio, that will set you back around $850-$1000 a month (if you can find one) or a one bedroom apartment, coming in at around $1400, not including your utilities. Moving in with a roommate is also a good option.

move to HollywoodOr you may find that you like tiny house living, like Matthew McConaughey, who happily lived in a trailer pre-marriage. Or Robert Pattinson, who bought his 2-bedroom bungalow in the Hollywood Hills back in 2014.

Location, location, location

So you’re set on making the move to Hollywood, but now you need to decide which area. Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Santa Monica, Palms, Westwood, Mar Vista, and Venice are all near acting schools, so these can be good options.

If you haven’t been cast for any starring roles yet, moving to Hollywood can be a bold step, but it can also make it easier to go to acting school and get to know people in the industry.

You may need to consider taking out a loan to kickstart your career. Short-term and installment loans are an ideal option for people with poor financial history and will help to improve your credit score for when you are ready to buy your dream home in Hollywood.

Build a following

In a world of social media, you need to get your name known. Before they consider hiring you, it’s likely your online presence will be searched by casting directors, so get yourself on several different platforms, build up a following, and post exciting and relevant stuff regularly.

Hollywood is full of opportunities for budding actors and actresses, so making the move makes a lot of sense. But it also comes with risks and a celebrity-sized list of expenses. Build an online following, get into acting school and be sensible with your purchases until you can afford a life of luxury.

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Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell is an award winning journalist, author and film/TV critic. She can be heard regularly on Cumulus radio stations throughout the US, and on BBC Radio.

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