Work From Home in Style: L.A.’s Wired House Available for $21K a Month

MLS / Realtor.com A wealthy tenant can now take up residence in the Wired House to find out if it provides the ultimate work-from-home solution. The modern Los Angeles residence designed with the future in mind is now available for rent for $21,000 a month. Built in 2007, the home possesses hallmark traits of midcentury…


5 Vivid Victorians: We Have One for Every Budget

MLS / Realtor.com There’s a reason Victorian homes are still wildly popular today. These stately, dramatic residences offer a certain old-school charm along with serious style. Thanks to their timeless appeal, they continue to enchant buyers in search of something besides a bland tract home. Victorians first appeared on the housing scene in the 1800s…


‘No Demo Reno’ Reveals the No-Brainer Way To Save $30K on a Kitchen Remodel

HGTV On “No Demo Reno,” Jenn Todryk is known for renovating without ripping down walls—and on the latest episode, her clients are astounded by how much money they save. In the episode “Craft Explosion,” Todryk meets Katie and Mike Garcia, who have been living in their home for 11 years. Todryk is challenged to completely renovate…


Fascinating Fire-Resistant Compound in a SoCal Hot Spot Available for $2M

Realtor.com Just a couple of hours north of L.A., Santa Barbara County is known for gorgeous beaches, a temperate climate, and lovely vistas. It’s also home to a host of A-listers such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oprah Winfrey—all folks who desire space, luxury, and privacy. But nothing’s perfect—the area is also…


‘Dream Home Makeover’ Reveals One Simple Thing Homeowners Forget When Decorating

Netflix In “Dream Home Makeover,” Utah couple Syd and Shea McGee prove that a home renovation isn’t just nice, it can also be downright life-altering. This is particularly true in the HGTV show’s latest episode, “Open Concept Space,” where the McGees meet Mary Daniels, whose East Salt Lake City house burned down seven months ago.…


Score One of Tarek El Moussa’s Latest Flips Before the Episode Even Airs

Realtor.com In a sign that Tarek El Moussa is busy with Season 3 of his HGTV show “Flipping 101,” an Orange County house he recently renovated just popped up on the market for $1,050,000. Public records indicate that he paid about $830,000 for the home in Mission Viejo, CA. Depending on how much El Moussa…


Are Bidding Wars Over? That Depends on Whether Home Sellers Make These Mistakes

Getty Images Bidding wars: Sellers love ’em, buyers hate ’em. In the rollicking seller’s market we’ve had over the past couple of years, sellers have enjoyed watching homebuyers bend over backward to outdo one another, with ever-higher home prices, fewer (or no) contingencies, and other perks in an effort to entice sellers to pick their…

Potential lottery winner homes

Lottery Winner Homes — 5 $100 Million Mansions for the Latest Billionaire

We picked out 5 $100,000,000 potential lottery winner homes for the lucky person in Illinois who just won the humongous MegaMillions Jackpot. Say what you will about the futility of playing the lottery, but I’d wager there isn’t a person out there who doesn’t start dreaming about the life they’d lead—and the mansion they’d buy—when…


Bargains by the Water: 5 Lakefront Homes Priced Below $300K

Realtor.com If you’ve ever dreamed about an affordable waterfront getaway, we have great news: Lakeside homes are available for way less than the nationwide median list price of $450,000. In fact, we’ve found five such residences priced below $300,000. Of course, these waterfront properties don’t exactly evoke the ritzy beaches of Malibu or Miami. But…


‘No Demo Reno’ Shows How To Cut Your Renovation Time and Costs in Half

HGTV Jenn Todryk of “No Demo Reno” never wavers from her belief that you can make an old house new again without tearing down walls and building up new square footage. “Save yourself the money and the stress that goes along with a total gut renovation,” she says—all simply by rearranging, restoring, and revitalizing what…

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