5 Best Mail Order Mattresses for the Sweetest Dreams Ever

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Furniture Industry expert Jenna Salter weighs in on the best mail order mattresses that will have you sleeping easy every night.

Ever wonder how people can buy a mattress online, without trying it first? Millennials have been particularly open to buying without trying, appreciating the convenience of having bedding effortlessly showing up at the front door. With the advent of COVID-19, however, all of us find ourselves in a situation where it’s not possible to lay on a mattress first, and mail-order is our only option.

“If only someone I trust could help me know which mail order mattresses are best,” you say to yourself. Well, that’s what I’m here for. After years of working in the furniture industry, I decided to start my own review site, HomeOfCozy.com, that will help you make educated decisions. Here’s my professional opinion on the top mail order mattresses, all of them money-back guaranteed.

Cocoon by Sealy

Most people are familiar with Sealy mattresses, so this is perfect for those that might be a little afraid to jump onto a completely foreign bed. This mattress has the same quality as the regular Sealy mattresses that are typically sold in stores, except the Cocoon version has premium fabric covers and perfect fit memory foam that leaves you never wanting to leave the bed. You can choose between a softer or firmer mattress, and no matter what option you select, there is a 100-night trial period to make sure you’ll sleep well. There’s also free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

Prices for the Cocoon start at $399



best mail order mattressesWhile Bear is on the pricier side of the scale, it has every reason to be. Bear has more than 25 years in this business and is made in the USA. They also have a very honest reputation in the business world. Bear mattresses are built with premium graphite gel-memory foam that cools your body and helps rest and heals, which is perfect for anyone involved in sports or frequent physical activity. There is also a 100-night trial to ensure that you can bear the Bear. Shipping is free, and they often offer extras, like free comfy pillows.

Priced around $500


Tuft & Needle

best mail order mattressesThe Tuft & Needle mattress was designed in Silicon Valley, which promises that this mattress in more innovative than average. More than a million people have put their trust into Tuft & Needle so far, which should ease your mind. Their mattresses feature adaptive foam that caters to any and all sleeping positions and supports your body, no matter how you prefer to sleep. They also have heat-absorbing cooling gel and graphite to eliminate overheating and sleep sweats.  A whopping 95% of their customers keep their purchases.

Prices start at $315






best mail order mattresses HelixIf you like to everything personalized, this is the mattress for you. Helix mattresses allow the buyer to choose different firmness preferences and sleeping positions. It customizes for side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers, as well as for those who like soft, medium, or firm feels. The website even offers an online sleeping test to help find you a bed that fulfills all of your wants and needs. In addition, Helix offers a 100-night trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping within the United States. A bit on the pricy side, but there are often sales, and they often throw in free pillows. 

Starting at $895



best mail order mattresses saatvaOn the lux side of the best mail-order mattresses is the Saatva bed. You can customize height and comfort level, as well as add a foundation or lineal base. Delivery and set-up are free, and there’s a 120-night trial and a 15-year warranty. This mattress is eco-friendly, made from recycled steel rods, and eco-friendly pillow top foams, a flame retardant barrier made without chemicals, and an organic cotton cover. It can also hold up to 600 pounds of total weight without a single sign of deterioration.

Starting around $799


Furniture Industry expert Jenna Salter weighs in on the best mail order mattresses that will have you sleeping easy every night.



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