Gorgeous vacation homes

5 Tickets to Paradise — Gorgeous Vacation Homes That Will Rock Your World

These 5 gorgeous vacation homes in various parts of the U.S.A may be pricy, but dreaming about them is free! Take a look: If you could have a lavish vacation home anywhere in the U.S., where would that be? As you sit simmering in your own private pied a terre, we thought you’d enjoy contemplating…

Homes built in 1776

We Salute These 5 US Homes Built in 1776 — They’re Available

With asking prices from the low hundred thousands to as much as $30 million, these homes built in 1776 will surprise and delight you. Take a look inside and see what’s available now. Who says we have no real historical homes in the US? Just about anyone who’s ever visited here from another country, that’s…

10 Most Popular Beach Houses for Sale

Surfin’ USA — 10 Most Popular Beach Houses for Sale Online

They may cost millions, but fantasies about these most popular beach houses for sale online are free, and give us something to work to talk about. If everybody had an ocean, across the U.S.A… We’d all be happy as clams, judging by the number of times beach house hunters clicked on oceanfront homes recently. I…

2022 critics choice real tv awards

The New Property Brothers Furniture Line — It’s California Cool!

If you, like I, spend a lot of time at Living Spaces, you will have seen a lot of space dedicated to the new Property Brothers furniture line. They told me what was behind it. Since “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are famous for designing and renovating houses, it makes sense that they’d…

Wilt Chamberlain house

Bel Air’s Legendary Wilt Chamberlain House is On the Market Again

Formerly one of the world’s most famous bachelor pads, the Wilt Chamberlain house has been spruced up and renovated into a unique mansion that is still an architectural gem. The former bachelor pad of basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain is back in the sales lineup again. Previously listed for $19 million, the Bel-Air, CA, home is now available…

homes with bunkers

Check Out These 5 Intriguing Homes With Bunkers

With the troubles in Ukraine, homes with bunkers are becoming more appealing. Check out these fascinating underground shelters available across the US. After Russia recently raised the threat of using nuclear weapons in its conflict against Ukraine, sales of homes with bunkers jumped. Those threats also led to corresponding search spikes on terms such as…

5 Fab Houses With Convertible Ceilings

Check Out These 5 Fab Houses With Convertible Ceilings

Houses with convertible ceilings (some call them pop tops) are making a comeback. Find out where they came from and where they’re going. Could houses with convertible ceilings be the hottest new trend in luxury living? Builders of spec homes are always in search of the NBT (next big thing) in over-the-top amenities. We’ve seen…

And just like that location

Live in a Swanky AND JUST LIKE THAT Location

It looks like New York is 100% back from the looks of this posh And Just Like That location — you can actually buy this penthouse and it will blow you away. If you’re hate-watching the much-derided HBO series “And Just Like That…,” you may be overwhelmed by—and more than a little bit jealous of—the luxurious…

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Selling? Check Out the Rumors

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle selling their luxurious Montecito spread already? Rumor has it that they may be searching for something more secure. Word is out on the serene streets of Montecito that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are no longer enthralled by their regal real estate…

The truth about million dollar Listing Los Angeles

The Fabulous Truth About Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles — 8 Things You Didn’t Know

I spent a day shadowing my favorite British agents, and found out the truth about Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles — It’s not what you think…it’s better! Reality TV is often filled with shows about sharply dressed real estate agents cruising around swanky neighborhoods, wheeling and dealing with wealthy homebuyers and sellers. But have you ever…

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