Cool Homes Still on the Market

5 Crazy Cool Homes Still on the Market — Is One of Them for You?

Some of these cool homes still on the market are owned by celebrities. See if you can figure out why they haven’t sold yet. Too elaborate? Too expensive? Too eclectic? Too too? Behold, five out-of-this world homes that have grabbed our attention this year. In fact, these properties have been ranked among the most popular homes…


Stretch Out Summer With These 5 Fabulous Beach Houses

Who isn’t in favor of an endless summer? To make yours last longer, take a look at these 5 fabulous beach houses on the market right now. Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. Time to wash and fold the beach towels, let the air out of the pool floats, and post those…

Celebrities without makeup

Celebrities Without Makeup — 5 of the Freshest Faces

Great A-listers know that sometimes less is more. Take a look at our five favorite celebrities without makeup. Seeing celebrities without makeup is a rare thing in Hollywood. Natural beauty is a rare commodity that few of the rich and famous have the confidence to show. Most wouldn’t dare being seen without a small (or…

vegan celebrities

Check Out These 5 Surprising Vegan Celebrities

We had no idea that some of our favorite actors had joined the ranks of vegan celebrities. Did you know that these fabulous five eat no meat? A record  2 million people said they would go vegan 2022, joining the dozens of vegan celebrities who already made the switch. Plenty of big stars have famously used…

House of the dragon dreams

House of the Dragon Dreams — 5 Castles to Inspire

Having House of the Dragon dreams? Got that Lord of the Rings longing? Here are 5 castles that will tickle your fancy…if you can afford them. With HBO’s much-anticipated Game of Thrones prequel House of  the Dragon and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series Rings of Power poised to premiere fans may experience a fresh wave of fascination for castles. Some…

best music mystery movie night ever with The Day the Music Died — American Pie

The Ultimate Music Mystery Movie Night — Miss American Pie

I’m all about low maintenance/high fun fun at home. See how we staged the best music mystery movie night with The Day the Music Died — American Pie. The music: American Pie The mystery: What do the lyrics really mean? The Movie: The Day the Music Died: American Pie One of the great mysteries that’s…

Potential lottery winner homes

Lottery Winner Homes — 5 $100 Million Mansions for the Latest Billionaire

We picked out 5 $100,000,000 potential lottery winner homes for the lucky person in Illinois who just won the humongous MegaMillions Jackpot. Say what you will about the futility of playing the lottery, but I’d wager there isn’t a person out there who doesn’t start dreaming about the life they’d lead—and the mansion they’d buy—when…

six secrets from how to build a sex room

6 Secrets From How to Build a Sex Room — The Best Ones are Subtle

The new home makeover show from Netflix is pricelessly provacative. Watch while we unveil scintillating  secrets from How to Build a Sex Room. The new Netflix show How To Build a Sex Room has caused quite a stir, for good reason: As exciting as the latest fixer-upper farmhouse can be, it doesn’t hold a candle to…

Kristen Wiig Sells to Lily Collins One Mid Mod Marvel!

Proving that these extraordinary actresses also have extraordinary taste in architecture, Kristen Wiig sells to Lily Collins one midcentury modern Case Study House. Both Emily in Paris star Lily Collins and Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig have good taste—in real estate. The two stars are enamored with midcentury architecture. Collins reportedly purchased a prime…

Gorgeous vacation homes

5 Tickets to Paradise — Gorgeous Vacation Homes That Will Rock Your World

These 5 gorgeous vacation homes in various parts of the U.S.A may be pricy, but dreaming about them is free! Take a look: If you could have a lavish vacation home anywhere in the U.S., where would that be? As you sit simmering in your own private pied a terre, we thought you’d enjoy contemplating…

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5 Crazy Cool Homes Still on the Market — Is One of Them for You?

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