The truth about million dollar Listing Los Angeles

The Fabulous Truth About Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles — 8 Things You Didn’t Know

I spent a day shadowing my favorite British agents, and found out the truth about Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles — It’s not what you think…it’s better! Reality TV is often filled with shows about sharply dressed real estate agents cruising around swanky neighborhoods, wheeling and dealing with wealthy homebuyers and sellers. But have you ever…

Divine dining rooms holiday feast

5 Divine Dining Rooms — Get Inspiration for Your Holiday Feasts

Take a look at these divine dining rooms from fun to fancy — you’ll love ’em or laugh at ’em, and they may help you enjoy your holidays feasts just a little bit more. For most of the year, the formal dining room may serve as a workstation, homework hub, or paraphernalia depository. Or it…

What it Would Look Like if These Famous Directors Designed Your Home Office

What it Would Look Like if These Famous Directors Designed Your Home Office

What if iconic helmers like Sofia Coppola, the Wachowskis or Pedro Almodovar created your workspace? Behold these concepts of what it would look like if famous directors designed your home office. You loved our feature on how famous directors might design you professional workspace, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give you some ideas…

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide — Mom Needs Something a Little Different This Year

This Mother’s Day Gift Guide gives great ideas that will keep Mom healthy, happy and occupied, whether you get to be with her or are sharing love from afar. Think of how many poor moms will have to suffer through Mother’s Day this year with no children on hand to adore them. Consider of all…

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post

Stay At Home Survival Guide for Pets — Fido and Fluffy Need Extra Quarantine Care Too

This Stay At Home Survival Guide for Pets offers a plethora of products that are sure to keep those tails wagging, even during these crazy times. Now that you and your pets are pent up together like never before, do you wonder what’s going on in their wee little heads? (Or giant noggins, as in…

Stay At Home Survival Guide montage

Stay At Home Survival Guide — Fabulous Finds for Happy Hunkering

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Stay at Home Survival Guide gives you great ideas for work, play, comfort, health, eating and drinking. I’ve always been happy here working at home in Hollywood…Until I was told my comings and going should be limited. Suddenly, I’m feeling crazily claustrophobic, and to make matters worse, I don’t seem to have…

Melissa McCarthy's New House

OMG! Melissa McCarthy’s New House is In My ‘Hood!

As an integral part of The Ladies Who Leash, Frankie Feldman and I have been walking by Melissa McCarthy’s new house ever since it was a quaint little three bedroom, two bath bungalow, originally built in 1936. I’m not gonna lie—the Ladies Who Leash were shocked when a developer bought the place in 2018 for…

Win a free homemakeover

How to Win a Free Home Makeover Worth $250K With the Property Brothers From ADT

Read carefully as I reveal exactly how you could win a free home makeover worth $250K with Drew and Jonathan Scott from the folks at ADT home security. These are a few of my favorite things: Home makeovers, the Property Brothers and Freebies. Mix ’em together with a state-of-the-art home security package from ADT, and…

Valentines day at home

Everything You Need for a Comfy, Cozy Valentines Day at Home

A collection of fabulous finds for you and your loved ones that will make Valentines Day at home far more appealing than going out and fighting the crowds. Who needs to hassle the crowds and elevated prices at trendy restaurants when you can have a warm and cuddly Valentines Day at home? Whenever my other half…

hollywood doghouse

Frankie Doesn’t Mind Being in the Hollywood Doghouse When It’s From Neiman Marcus and Rockstar Puppy

Best gift in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book? The custom Hollywood doghouse from Rockstar Puppy.  When Frankie goes to Hollywood, only a really swanky Hollywood doghouse will do. Leave it to Neiman Marcus to come up with one — for only $70,000. You can make a similar lavish purchase for your pooch via this year’s Neiman…

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