Creative Ways to Display Your Hollywood Memorabilia

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Guest writer Cindy Trillo says don’t just stuff your prized Hollywood memorabilia in a drawer or a closet! It’s time to put it on display for the whole world to see!

Hollywood memorabilia

Multiple award-winning actor Jack Nicholson summed up the reason we love movies perfectly during an Oscar speech when he said: “… they entertain us; they offer hopes (and) give traumas; they take us places, we have never been, just even for few moments; they can take us away, when we want to get away; Movies inspire us; they challenge us and despite our differences, they are (the) common link to humanity, in all of us.”

Some of the greatest films in history are defined by equally great props that awaken a desire to collect Hollywood memorabilia in thousands of passionate of movie buffs. But being a collector is about more than just acquiring remarkable collectibles. How you display your memorabilia in your home is of the utmost importance as you naturally want to admire your collection while keeping it safe. Lucky you! There are countless ways in which you can do just that.

Hollywood memorabilia photos deserve to be framed

Hollywood memorabilia

The ultimate piece of Hollywood memorabilia: The piano from Casablanca.

Movie photos are without a doubt the most popular type of Hollywood memorabilia in existence. Whether you are a lover of classic films such as Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, or find yourself drawn to modern-day superhero films, chances are you would love to add some movie photos to your collection.

Depending on what photos you purchase, and where you purchase them, you may receive them already mounted in exquisite frames. Alternatively, you can frame them yourself before hanging them on your walls. If you have no wall space left due to the ever-increasing size of your collection, you can also display your photos in a high-quality photo album that will keep them well-preserved while they are displayed in a functional manner.

Create a focal point with a trading card collage

Hollywood memorabiliaThere are trading card sets available for many of the greatest films in history including Grease, Back to the Future, Alien, and Star Wars. Many memorabilia collectors choose to display their trading cards in specially-designed trading card cases. These cases can either be purchased fully-assembled according to general specification or custom-made to you suit your own personal requirements.

You can also choose to create a photo collage by combining some of your trading cards and suitably-themed photos into a single display to create a captivating focal point on your wall.

Display cabinets are a collector’s best friend   

If you are a collector of screen props and other types of 3D Hollywood memorabilia such as mugs, figurines and caps, chances are you’re often struggling to find space for all your collectibles. Smaller, easy-to-obtain items with a lower value can, for example, be displayed on shelves, while large movie props may require their own dedicated floor-space. Collector’s items should, ideally, be kept in secure display cases where they can be enjoyed without getting damaged or pilfered.

Collecting Hollywood memorabilia is without a doubt a very fulfilling past-time. Not only can a collection be worth a considerate amount of money, but it will also allow you to relive some of the greatest moments in film history right in the comfort of your own home.


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Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell is an award winning journalist, author and film/TV critic. She can be heard regularly on Cumulus radio stations throughout the US, and on BBC Radio.

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