Meghan King Edmonds Baby Bump

Meghan King Edmonds Flips – RHOC Star Rehabs Home

That didn’t take long! Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds (31) and her former MLB center fielder hubby Jim Edmonds (46) recently listed their home in Newport Beach for $3,399,000,  just 13 short months after buying it for $2.8 million. I got the entire scoop while researching it for a feature on News Corp’s I’m calling it a flip, since the Edmonds,…

Bad moms review

BAD MOMS Review — They Could Be Worse

Bad Moms Review by Lisa Johnson Mandell If the filmmakers behind Bad Moms really wanted to poke fun at Tiger Moms, Helicopter Moms and any other perfection obsessed matriarchs out there, and if they really wanted to make the rest of us feel it’s okay to be a Bad Mom, they wouldn’t have cast Mila Kunis…

Absolutely Fabulous Review


Absolutely Fabulous Review by Lisa Johnson Mandell   @HomeInHollywood Sweetie Darlings, if you don’t mind being called by that unique term of endearment, and if, in fact, it elicits fits of giggles and sends you running to the fridge for some bolly (champagne), you’re going to love this film. If you’ve spent any time in Great Britain during…

Celebrity Chef home fire

Celebrity Chef Home Listed for $10 Million

I’ve heard of the occasional multi-million dollar celebrity chef home located in Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills, Malibu and perhaps in the New Port Beach area, but color me surprised to find one listed for $10 million in North Orange County, in the sleepy little town of Yorba Linda. That’s right, Yorba Linda, home of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and…

ghostbusters review

GHOSTBUSTERS Review — Busting Makes Me Feel Good

Ghostbusters Review by Lisa Johnson Mandell @HomeInHollywood I so don’t get the controversy over this film. The 1984 original did indeed become iconic, but it’s certainly ripe for a reboot after 32 years. Don’t Batman, Superman and Spiderman get a little work done and then come back to plague us three or four times a decade?…

Pete's Dragon review

PETE'S DRAGON Review — Same Old, Same Old

Pete’s Dragon Review, by Lisa Johnson Mandell I think the number of sequels and remakes we’ve seen lately is rivaled only by the number of Disney movies that begin with the parents dying and the child being left alone. That’s not a spoiler, it happens in the first five minutes of the film, and I think…

Mommie Dearest Mansion

Own the Mommie Dearest Mansion — for Only $35 Million

Find out why the dated Mommie Dearest Mansion is listed for such a high price Just imagine all the fun you’d have reliving the famed wire hanger scene, or re-enacting that fiercely competitive mother-daughter swim competition in the very Mommie Dearest mansion where the epic Joan Crawford biopic starring Faye Dunaway was shot! The fame, the glory, the camp, can…

The Infiltrator Review

THE INFILTRATOR Review — Best Film of the Year So Far

The Infiltrator review by Lisa Johnson Mandell I love a film that is so intense I have to remind myself throughout, “it’s only a movie, it’s only a movie–these are actors, and their lives are not really at stake.” I also found it necessary to remember that the movie is based on a published memoir, so at…

The BFG Review

THE BFG Review — Beautiful for Generations

The BFG Review by Lisa Johnson Mandell with help from Julian Dans I can tell you that The BFG, Steven Spielberg’s first big screen collaboration with Disney, is magical and wondrous and a total delight, but not being a member of the film’s intended demo, I think the words of my nine-year-old friend Julian Dans,…

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review


I know what you’re thinking when you start to read my Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates review: This is going to be another raunchy Neighbors-type film, seeing that it stars Zac Efron, and is written by the same screenwriters, Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. “How could it not be the same ole, same ole?” I was wondering…

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