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THE MARTIAN Review — Out of This World

Yay for science! If only my high school teachers could have made it this thrilling, this provocative, this crucial to my very existence, I might have been out curing cancer today, instead of writing this film review. Even though the special effects are fine, the acting is as good as you would expect, and Ridley…

Tom Cruise lists his storied Beverly Hills Estate

Tom Cruise Finally Sells His Storied Beverly Hills Estate

Editor’s Note: Looks like selling this place wasn’t a mission impossible after all. Tom Cruise finally got an offer he likes for his Hollywood Hills West compound, even though it’s about $1.5 million under asking price. He originally listed it in January for $12.995 million, and accepted an offer for $11.4 million in September. See more details…

The Intern review

THE INTERN Review — Having It All at Any Age

As a once hip Baby Boomer who has had to reluctantly acknowledge that things ain’t the way they used to be, never will be again, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I’m a big fan of media that helps people like me cope in the workplace. I’m talking about TV shows like Younger, books like…

$13 Million Malibu Tear Down

The Strange Tale of the $13 Million Malibu Tear Down

I have such mixed emotions about this once fabulous house! But only on Malibu’s Billionaire’s Beach is a midcentury house with an illustrious history virtually worthless, while the sand it sits on is worth millions.

Black Mass Poster

BLACK MASS Review — Deep Dark Depp Returns

I remember a few years back when Federal agents discovered that the harmless-looking old guy living in plain sight in a Santa Monica apartment was actually a savage murderer, head of Boston’s vicious Winter Hill Gang, and directly responsible for at least 19 brutal killings. If Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Out of the Furnace) can’t make a decent film…

J-Lo Gym

Jennifer Lopez Puts Her House on Sale

  Editor’s Note: Since J-Lo put her Hidden Hills estate on the market in January, there hasn’t been much interest. So little, in fact, that she’s chopped the asking price almost 15%, and is now listing the place at $14.5 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. It’s a relative bargain, when you compare it to some…

Everest Review poster

EVEREST Review — Over the Top Insanity

What kind of self-obsessed insanity induces people to forsake their loved ones and suffer the most extreme physical torture, just for bragging rights about climbing the world’s highest mountain? When that’s the foremost impression you get from a film, you know there’s something wrong with Simon Beaufoy’s and William Nicholson’s script, as well as Baltasar Kormákur’s directing.…

Avoca Irish Retreat

At Home In Hollywood is at Home in Ireland Via the Irish Retreat

Those of you who follow me here will note a number of features lately on fascinating lifestyle and design in Ireland. While I’ve traditionally focused on life At Home In Hollywood, I need to get out of this place every now and then, as we all do. Especially when the temperatures are in the three digits, we’re…

Pawn Sacrifice Review poster

PAWN SACRIFICE Review — Well Played

Critic Colleague: Who knew Toby Maguire could act? Me: Who knew chess could be so riveting? Finally, an excellent film to end the long August/September draught. Toby Maguire’s labor of love, Pawn Sacrifice, is the best surprise of the year so far. I wasn’t expecting much of this Bobby Fisher story. I mean, how exciting…

Sam Heughan Celtic Brooch

Sam Heughan, Jamie from Outlander, Sets Fall Fashion Trend

  Just in case you want to wear a little piece of Jamie Fraser close to your heart (and who doesn’t?) Sam Heughan, who plays the russet-haired Scottish hunk in Starz’ TV adaptation of the bestselling Outlander book series, has inadvertently set a hot new fashion trend. It’s the simply forged Celtic brooch, perfect for keeping the loosely woven scarf or…

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