Ma review

MA Review—What’s a nice actress like Octavia Spencer doing in a film like this?

Ma Review — A-List talent in a B-List horror film. That alone should give you the creeps. At first glance, Ma appears to be your basic B-horror flick: Sue Ann, an increasingly unhinged middle-aged woman buys booze for high school kids at a liquor store, graduates to allowing them to party in her basement, then finally…

Rocketman review

ROCKETMAN Review – You Can Tell Everybody, This is Your Film

Rocketman review — They’ll never kill the thrills we got… from all that Elton John gave us. The year was 1975, and the place was Dodger Stadium. Emmylou Harris and Joe Walsh were the warm up acts for none other than Elton John, who was decked out in a sequined Dodger uniform. I’ll never forget…

Aladdin review

ALADDIN Review — A Whole New World?

Aladdin Review — Can Disney revive the magic of the animated version, and more importantly, does Will Smith look good in blue? If it seems like Disney is releasing a lot of live action versions of their animated classics lately, you’re not wrong. A few months ago it was Dumbo, now we have Aladdin and…

Booksmart review

BOOKSMART Review — Great for Millennials, Baby Boomers Beware

Booksmart Review — You’ll probably think they nailed it or failed it, depending on your age. Booksmart, first time director Olivia Wilde’s new coming of age comedy, will probably be viewed as this year’s Lady  Bird, and this generation’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. As with most films in this genre, I’m thinking fans and foes will be…

A Dog's Journey review

A DOG’S JOURNEY Review — Resistance is Futile. Scratch Its Belly.

A Dog’s Journey Review — Best of the three “A Dog’s…” movies, you’d better bring tissues. Let’s get this out of the way right up front: If you’ve ever loved a dog, owned a dog, petted a dog, seen a dog or even ‘liked’ a dog photo on Facebook, you WILL cry. It might not…

The Hustle review Tolkien review

The Hustle Review — Tolkien Review — Will Opposites Attract?

The Hustle review — Dirty Rotten Scoundrelettes I’ll say this for the female take on  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe is sublime, and she looks fabulous in every outfit. Oh, and the animated title sequence is great fun. Unfortunately, the rest of the film doesn’t deliver on its initial promise. What we have here…

pokemon detective pikachu review

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Review — Fans of the Game Will LOVE It

Pokemon Detective Pikachu review — 11-year-old critic Winston says it’s “fantastic!” To Pokémon fans new and old: You’ll be glad to see Pokémon Detective Pikachu. To people who don’t know what Pokémon are, here is a rundown: They are monsters that are captured in a Poké ball, some are cute and some are mean, and…

Poms Review

POMS Review — Do Seniors and Cheerleading Mix?

Poms review — This film about the unlikely pairing of seniors and cheerleading has a fab cast, but a drab script. Bless this movie’s heart! Southerner’s know that “Bless her heart,” is the socially correct preface to a thorough skewering. And since this film takes place in the south, I thought that was appropriate. Diane…

La La Land house

LA LA LAND House Makes a Splash on the Market

Remember that great La La Land house where the fully dressed guy takes a flying leap off the balcony into the pool? It now can be yours for only… Among many other gorgeous musical numbers in 2016’s La La Land, there’s a scene where Emma Stone‘s character and her roommates don primary-color party dresses and…

Long shot review

LONG SHOT Review — It Hits a Perfect Comedy Bullseye

Long Shot review — A classic rom com with a killer cast, full of biting humor and hilarious plot twists? Yes please! If you’re looking for the ideal movie to ease you back down after the fervor and fever pitch of Avengers: End Game, this is it. Who would have thought the graceful, elegant and…

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