The Northman review

THE NORTHMAN Review — A Bloody and Brilliant Creative Epic

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s The Northman review says that something wild, wondrous and wicked this way comes. It’s…

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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore review


Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore review embraces the cuddly nature of the beasties,…

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Ambulance review

AMBULANCE Review — It Really IS a Thrill Ride!

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Ambulance review says Michael Bay has created a human-driven action thriller with a buoyant…

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Morbius review

MORBIUS Review — Marvel Opens Another Vein

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Morbius review says that there were high hopes for the stellar cast and Marvel/Spiderman…

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The Lost City review

THE LOST CITY Review — A Rom Com Adventure Throbbing with Fun

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s The Lost City review says the film combines all the cheesy fun of romance…

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the Batman review

THE BATMAN Review — Try to Get an Aisle Seat

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s The Batman review says the film hangs heavy and dark on the screen for…

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Dog review

DOG Review — If Channing Tatum Weren’t So Engaging…

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Dog review says that the faux buddy comedy would play dead if it weren’t…

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In her The Second Age of Aquarius review, Lisa Johnson Mandell says filmmakers Staci Layne Wilson et al…

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Marry Me review

MARRY ME Review — Should You Say ‘I Do’ to This J-Lo Rom Com?

In her Marry Me review, Lisa Johnson Mandell says the film checks all the right boxes. It’s…

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Death on the Nile review

DEATH ON THE NILE Review — A Lavish and Cunning Cruise

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Death on the Nile review raves about Kenneth Branagh’s latest writer/director outing, and encourages…

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MOONFALL Review — A Sci-Fi Mashup that Aims for the Stars

In her Moonfall review Lisa Johnson Mandell reveals the highest praise she can give Roland Emmerich’s latest…

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Parallel mothers review

PARALLEL MOTHERS Review — Colorful, Sensual and Surprising Magic

In her Parallel Mothers review, Lisa Johnson Mandell says Spanish masters Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz work their mutual…

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