Annabelle Comes Home Review

ANNABELLE COMES HOME Review — Get the Guest Room Ready!

Annabelle Comes Home review — Her tagline is: “Miss me?” Fortunately, she still hasn’t worn out her welcome with this sinister third installment. Determined to keep the possessed doll known as “Annabelle” from killing anyone else (see: the first two Annabelle movies), demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) lock the haunted…

Toy Story 4 review

TOY STORY 4 Review — The Best Movie of the Year So Far

Toy Story 4 review — I can barely write about this film without getting misty eyed. That’s how good it is.  I don’t know how Disney/Pixar manages to do this. The masters of animated film have created a franchise four films long, four films strong, each one an absolute home run. It’s unfathomable. In fact,…

Child's play review

CHILD’S PLAY Review – This Reboot Is Harmless Fun

Staci Layne Wilson’s Child’s Play review says this new take on the devil doll casts Chucky as Alexa’s redheaded stepchild. Pretty much everyone has seen the 1988 original Child’s Play and if you’re not into horror films, then you must at least know who “Chucky” the killer doll is. He’s permeated our pop culture to…

Hollywood memorabilia

Creative Ways to Display Your Hollywood Memorabilia

Guest writer Cindy Trillo says don’t just stuff your prized Hollywood memorabilia in a drawer or a closet! It’s time to put it on display for the whole world to see! Multiple award-winning actor Jack Nicholson summed up the reason we love movies perfectly during an Oscar speech when he said: “… they entertain us; they offer…

Men in black international review

MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL Review — A Properly Palatable Popcorn Movie

Men In Black International review — The cunning combination of Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani and aliens make it worth watching. There are all sorts of ways to revive a franchise: prequel, sequel, reboot, spin-off, gender switch, ethnic switch, new location, animated version, live action version of an animated film, and probably several others…

Rock doc

Rock Doc Roundup – Films Featuring Bob Dylan, David Crosby and Bill Wyman

Staci Layne Wilson provides a rock doc rundown of great movies to watch now, and others that are up and coming. The past year has been something of a golden age for music movies, with the Oscar-winning success of Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born. At the moment, The Dirt and Rocketman reign supreme…

Late Night review

LATE NIGHT Review — A Little Something for Both Your Heart and Your Head

Late Night Review — Addresses issues that touch us all, in ways that make us think and smile. Late Night’s premise and casting are flawless: Emma Thompson is Katherine Newbury, America’s only super successful, female nighttime talk show host host of long standing. Unfortunately, she’s losing her edge and her patience with the turns the media has…

Dark phoenix review

DARK PHOENIX Review — Lively Girrrl Power Theme Helps it Rise Above the Crowd

Dark Phoenix review — A clever, refreshing superpower flick where the hero, the villain and many supporting cast members are powerful females.  I was sold on Dark Phoenix in the first two minutes, when Jean Grey as a young girl (an extremely talented Summer Fontana) is sitting in the backseat while her parents happily drive down…

Ma review

MA Review—What’s a nice actress like Octavia Spencer doing in a film like this?

Ma Review — A-List talent in a B-List horror film. That alone should give you the creeps. At first glance, Ma appears to be your basic B-horror flick: Sue Ann, an increasingly unhinged middle-aged woman buys booze for high school kids at a liquor store, graduates to allowing them to party in her basement, then finally…

Rocketman review

ROCKETMAN Review – You Can Tell Everybody, This is Your Film

Rocketman review — They’ll never kill the thrills we got… from all that Elton John gave us. The year was 1975, and the place was Dodger Stadium. Emmylou Harris and Joe Walsh were the warm up acts for none other than Elton John, who was decked out in a sequined Dodger uniform. I’ll never forget…

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