The Painter and the Thief

THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF Review – An Interesting Art Doc That Steals Too Much of Your Time

The Painter and the Thief Review  — Film Critic Staci Layne Wilson says this award-winning documentary is “a brave and unflinching interpretation of an unusual, true tale.” Five years ago in Oslo, two huge paintings by a relatively unknown artist, Barbora Kysilkova, were stolen from a prominent gallery. They were valued at a mere $20,000…

Four Good Days review

Four Good Days Review — A Masterful Film About the Dark Depths of Addiction

Film Critic Leah Sydney’s Four Good Days review says that the addiction drama starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis is a powerful and artistic must-see movie.  Four Good Days is a searing, realistic, female powerhouse drama which stars Glenn Close as Deb and Mila Kunis as her drug addicted daughter Molly. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia, who also co-wrote…

Extraction review

EXTRACTION Review — A Wild Ride Almost at the JOHN WICK Level

Extraction Review — Film Critic Collin Pelton says the Chris Hemsworth starrer is “is cinematically beautiful, with a narrative about courage and masked bravery.” This is you, standing in the proverbial and virtual line of Netflix contemplating your next piece of content, looking at the people getting off the ride (show) you’re considering. This is…

The Artist's Wife Review

THE ARTIST’S WIFE Review – This Flick Paints a Rich, Layered Picture

The Artist’s Wife review – Staci Layne Wilson says the combination of Lena Olin and Bruce Dern makes this slow-burn movie worth watching. In the new drama The Artist’s Wife, Lena Olin (Hunters) plays the title character, Claire Smythson. She lives a wealthy, idle life in the Hamptons while her husband, a famous abstract artist,…

the best action movies

Here are Some of the Best Action Movies Available Now On HBO

Behold an excellent list of some of the best action movies you may have missed that you can watch right now. I know you usually keep up with all the blockbusters, but there are likely dozens of excellent, mid-range action movies released every year that you might have missed, but always wanted to see. Even…

Minamata review

MINAMATA Review — A Riveting Film Proving Johnny Depp’s Star Power Once Again

Film critic Leah Sydney’s Minamata review says the Johnny Depp starrer is an artistic homage to a man ahead of his time. Johnny Depp proves his star power once again in his latest film, Minamata, playing the legendary LIFE magazine photo journalist/celebrated war photographer W. Eugene Smith.  Directed by the talented Andrew Levitas and written by…

HBO List of Feel Good Movies and Series

Here’s the Fabulous HBO List of Feel Good Movies and Series

With more people isolating at home and looking for new content to help pass the time, this HBO List of Feel Good Movies and Series will come in handy! This week I’ve received the HBO List of Feel Good Movies and Series, which highlights some warm, fuzzy and sometimes delightfully prickly entertainment that offers perfect ways to cheer…


SWEET SUNSHINE Review – A Much-Needed Feel Good Flick

Sweet Sunshine Review — Are you ready for some sweet schmaltz? Many of us could use some right now. Sweet Sunshine, an indie film shot entirely in Arizona using local talent, follows the ups and downs of young country singer TJ Millhouse (John Way) as he navigates the pitfalls of fame and contends with family, love,…

Bloodshot review

Bloodshot Review — Are the Wildly Entertaining Vin Diesel and Sam Heughan Worth the Risk?

Bloodshot Review — Yes, I attended a packed theater full of huggy colleagues to see this comic book based action movie, but should you? I suppose that becomes the definitive question these days, doesn’t it? Is this film worth sitting in a theater full (or not so full) of strangers to see? You’ll have to…

The Hunt review

The Hunt Review – Let the Gory Games Begin!

The Hunt Review — Staci Layne Wilson says while its brutality is extreme, it’s worth a look on the big screen if you’re a fan of the genre. The Hunt begins when a small group of strangers wakes up from a drug-induced doze, finding themselves in a grassy meadow with a large wooden crate in its…

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