JT Leroy review

JT LEROY Review – A Movie Within A Film, A Truth Within A Lie

JT LeRoy review — A surprisingly pedestrian take on a fascinating and elaborate story. Everyone thought androgynous urchin Jeremiah Terminator “JT” LeRoy was a bestselling author in the late 1990s thanks to his heart-wrenching, poignant autobiographical novels “Sarah” and “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.” There’s just one problem: JT didn’t exist. He was…

Avengers Homes

Avengers Homes — Posh Places for Our Trusty Superheroes to Await the Endgame

No spoilers here! I just wanted to suggest a few fine Avengers homes where they can chill until they figure out how to deal with Thanos. When we last saw the Avengers at the end of “Infinity War,” only a handful remained alive. The rest had been vaporized when the evil Thanos snapped his Infinity…

Avengers: Endgame review

AVENGERS: ENDGAME Review — Best. Superhero Movie. Ever.

Avengers: Endgame Review — Run, don’t walk to the cineplex, and see it before the spoilers rob you of the pure joy of it all.  Avengers: Endgame has achieved what was previously considered impossible: it kept me not only riveted, but thrilled for the entirety of its three hours. Not once did my attention wander,…

Breakthrough review

BREAKTHROUGH Review — Faith-Based Fare Just in Time for Easter

Breakthrough Review — Sustenance for the faith-based, and an interesting look at a devout culture for non-believers. Before you non-believers roll your eyes the second you see the words “faith-based,” ask yourself if you’d have the same reaction to a film about, say, an ancient Native American or African tribe, their rituals, and faith in…

The Curse of La Llorona review

THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA Review — The Ghost That’s a Crying Shame

The Curse of La Llorona review — the tale of the weeping woman who steals children scared me almost to death. First off, for those of you who are not aware of the tale of La Llorona, let me give you some background to help you appreciate the film more. La Llorona (pronounced Your Row…

Little Review Hellboy review

LITTLE Review – HELLBOY Review — A Little Slice of …

Not being one to dwell on the negative, my Little review and my Hellboy review are short but not so sweet. Little Review — Big on potential, small on delivery You might have heard that Little is a flip of  Tom Hanks’ Big, switching up age, race and gender. That’s what I was expecting. But…

William review

WILLIAM Review — Sure, It’s About a Cloned Neanderthal, But It’s Not What You’d Expect

 William review — A surprisingly gentle yet provocative sci-fi drama about the evolution of a fish out of water. “Sweet” and “subtle” are not the first words you’d expect to read in a description of a sci-fi film about cloning a Neanderthal. But those are exactly the first two words that came to mind after…

Peterloo review

PETERLOO Review — An Intentionally Bitter and Brutal History Lesson

Peterloo Review — Award winning British director Mike Leigh’s latest is consummately important, but extremely tough to watch. Naive as I am, whenever I see a film about the Civil War, I am stunned that a government ever sanctioned that type of behavior, and people actually went to war to defend it. I felt the…

The Best of Enemies review

THE BEST OF ENEMIES Review — A Touching Tale of Civil Rights and Wrongs

The Best of Enemies review —  Based on a true story about an astounding relationship that changed a city forever. Having been born and raised in a relatively progressive area, I’m always surprised and ashamed to see that during my lifetime, segregation was legally practiced and that Ku Klux Klan members unabashedly flaunted and promoted…

Shazam! Review

SHAZAM! Review — The New Superhero in Town Lightens Up the DC Universe

Shazam! review — How can you resist Zachary Levi as an overgrown kid with super powers in a flashy red bodysuit? Boom! Pow! Blam! The new superhero in town bursts on screen in a blaze of adolescent energy and excitement, and suddenly the DC Universe is not so dark and brooding anymore. At last we…

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