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Bird Box Review – Flying High

Bird Box review – Sandra Bullock searches for sanctuary in this dark, fast-paced apocalyptic thriller.   Based on a recent popular novel of the same name, Bird Box throws Malorie (Sandra Bullock) and Tom (Trevante Rhodes) together in a horrifying, inexplicable and completely unexpected worldwide apocalypse in which birdsong is the key to survival. The…

The Favourite Review

THE FAVOURITE Review — MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Review: Both Make a Royal Blush

The Favourite review — Mary Queen of Scots review : Two distinctly different period pieces with heavy weight casts do battle during awards season. The Favourite Review The Favourite, from wildly creative and original director Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) is unlike any period costume drama you’ve ever seen. Yes, it…


VICE Review – Making Political Satire Great Again

Vice Review – A stylized, grim and funny Dick Cheney biopic starring a shape-shifting Christian Bale. Widely considered the most powerful VP ever, Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) was a Halliburton CEO who put loyalists in high-places in the government, set up Guantanamo Bay detention camp, authorized bringing down planes on 9/11, made controversial use of…

Roma Review

ROMA Review — Que Rico!

Roma Review — It’s an extraordinary, once in a lifetime, profound and world expanding film. But it’s not for everyone. If you’re of the right mindset, Oscar-winning writer/director Alfonso Cuarón’s breathtakingly poignant and personal Roma will move you to the core, a little like standing before an original Frida Kahlo painting for the first time. But if…

aquaman review

AQUAMAN Review — Splashy Superhero Action

Aquaman Review — This ‘Aqua Dude’ dives right into dazzling visuals that make a big splash on the big screen At last, a DC Comics movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Batman and Superman are so dark and earnest, and even Wonder Woman could have benefitted from a little more light. Aquaman, on the…

Welcome to Marwen review

WELCOME to MARWEN Review — These Living Dolls Do Not Endear

Welcome to Marwen Review — Robert Zemeckis’ latest looks like it was intended to be a Forrest Gump for this generation, but it’s no box of chocolates. Before you read this Welcome to Marwen review, stop everything and take a look at the trailer. I’ve conveniently provided it for you here: Doesn’t it look just…

Mary Poppins Returns Review

MARY POPPINS RETURNS Review — It’s Supercalifragelisticespialidocious

Mary Poppins Returns review — So spectacular you’ll always remember the first time you saw it. Every five to ten years or so, a seminal film is released that has so much impact you remember exactly whom you saw it with and where you saw it. Star Wars? The Godfather? Frozen? For me, Mary Poppins…

Bumblebee Review

BUMBLEBEE Review — 10-Year-Old Twins Betty and Winston Give You the Buzz

Bumblebee Review — We know these Transformer movies have been getting worse and worse, but not this one — it’s actually fun! In this prequel to the popular Transformers series (about a race of robots that turn into different vehicles), fan-favorite Bumblebee’s origin story is revealed. In the 1980s, when a girl (Hailee Steinfeld), still mourning the…

The Mule Review

THE MULE Review — A Stubbornly Charming, if Not Thrilling Clint Eastwood Vehicle

The Mule Review — Not exactly what you’d expect from Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper, but it’ll do. Inspired by a true story taken from a magazine article, a creaky but charming old gentleman in his twilight years turns to a life of crime and uses his elderly assets to escape the law. No, this is not…

Music Documentaries

Music Documentaries That Will Inspire, Entertain, and Blow You Away

Cindy Trillo gives us a slick list of some of the best music documentaries made in the past few years. The release of the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody has ignited passion from music lovers all over the world. We were starstruck, not only by the incredible songs and Queen’s rise to fame, but also by the…

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