How to Train Your Dragon — The Hidden World review


How to Train Your Dragon — The Hidden World review — Adults and children will be awed the wonder and spectacle of the glorious animation. It’s the perfect ending.  I’m going to go out on a ledge here and say that if How to Train Your Dragon — The Hidden World had been released in 2018,…

Fighting With My Family Reviewi

FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY Review — It’ll Get a Hold On You and Won’t Let Go

Fighting With My Family review — Don’t you dare dismiss it because it’s about professional wrestling. It’s an understated treasure. You heard it here first: Fighting With My Family is going to be a sleeper hit of Bend It Like Beckham proportions. It’s right up there with The Damned United. Add it to your list…

Isn't it Romantic review

ISN’T IT ROMANTIC Review — The Movie That Makes Fun of Itself

Isn’t It Romantic review — For everyone who has a love/hate relationship with romantic comedies How could you not be at least mildly amused by a film starring Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth and Adam Divine doing delicious self-parodies in a send-up of an entire genre? Great cast, premise and potential, right Isn’t It Romantic does not disappoint.…

Patrick Review

PATRICK Review — Sit! Stay! Watch!

Patrick review — Bad weather keeping you from going out for walkies? Stay in and watch this adorable dog movie with some pet you love.  It’s raining or snowing,  the sky is gray, and it’s simply too cold and wet to go out. You’re not up for investing the energy in a “significant” movie like…

Alita: Battle Angel review

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Review — Don’t Be Fooled By The Trailer

Alita: Battle Angel review —  Winston says it doesn’t look promising from its trailers, but turns out to be awesome. Produced by James Cameron (Avatar) and directed by Robert Rodiguez (Spy Kids, Sin City), Alita is the screen adaptation of the hit manga and anime. In the far future, hundreds of years after apocalyptic wars, Dr. Dyson…

Velvet Buzzsaw review

VELVET BUZZSAW Review — A Darkly Comedic Fright Flick Based on the Adage: “Art is Dangerous”

In her Velvet Buzzsaw review, critic Staci Layne Wilson says it’s one of the better horror movies she’s seen lately. And it’s oh-so stylish! Velvet Buzzsaw stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, John Malkovich, and Toni Collette as ambitious art aficionados clawing their way to the pinnacle of their profession. This is an empty, air-inflated world…

What Men Want review

WHAT MEN WANT Review — You Would Think it Would be a No-Brainer

What Men Want review — Even the ability to read men’s minds can’t help Taraji P. Henson make sense of this messy material. Taraji P. Henson, as a take-no-prisoners sports agent, leaps on screen like a champ. At the beginning of What Men Want she packs so much punch you don’t know what hit you, and…

Cold pursuit review

COLD PURSUIT Review — Right Up There With FARGO

Cold Pursuit Review — This darkly comedic Liam Neeson thriller gives the phrase “dead of winter” a whole new meaning. Finally, a 2019 release worth braving the elements and rushing the theater to see. And no matter how bitterly the Polar Vortex is treating you, I promise you’ll feel warm and toasty compared to Liam…

The Lego Movie 2 Review

THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Review — Building on the First in Fun New Ways

The Lego Movie 2 — The Second Part review — 10-year-old Winston says it’s “hilarious and super-meta.”  Editor’s Note: for this The Lego Movie 2 — The Second Part review Winston is joined by his equally film savvy twin sister Betty Winston: The sequel begins with the Lego city of “Bricksburg” getting invaded by monsters made…

Miss Bala Review

MISS BALA Review — Gina Rodriguez Goes Balistic

Miss Bala Review — a gritty journey from high heels and tiaras to automatic weapons and drug lords. Quick: What does the title “Miss Bala” bring to mind? If your answer is  head scratch, you’re not alone. To clue you in, “bala” is the Spanish word for “bullet,” and once you understand that, and realize…

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