The Great Wall review 2

THE GREAT WALL Review — A CURE FOR WELLNESS Review — A Good Wall and a Placebo

The Great Wall Review This is an important film in that it’s China’s most expensive production, it was helmed by Yimou Zhang China’s biggest director, and it was made with an international cast with a universal audience in mind. It stars Matt Damon, who is being billed as a “global superstar,” apparently one of the most popular…

Beyonce house hunting

Jay-Z and Beyonce House Hunting — Where Should Bey Be With Her Babies?

Jay-Z and Beyonce House Hunting Hints — five perfect places for the superstar couple and their expanding flock to nest. Which would you pick? Editor’s note: Apparently they ignored my suggestions. Get the details of where they finally settled here. Now that the word is out that the Jay-Z and Beyonce house hunting rumors are for real, (they’ve only rented…

United Kingdom Review

A United Kingdom Review, Fifty Shades Darker Review — One is the Best Film of the Year So Far

A United Kingdom Review — The year is young, but this is by far the best so far A United Kingdom is a little bit like Hidden Figures in that you come away wondering “How could I have not heard this story before? I can’t believe it’s not being told until now!” It’s based on…

Dogs purppose review gold review

A Dog's Purpose Review, Gold Review — Mutts and McConaughey

In my A Dog’s Purpose Review  and my Gold Review , I feel the love for one, but not so much for the other A Dog’s Purpose Review — All we need is love right now I know there’s controversy swirling around about the mistreatment of a German Shepherd during a swimming scene, but I don’t think…

Jane Fonda patio

Totally 'Fonda' the Jane Fonda House

If you’ve ever wanted to see inside a celebrity home, the Jane Fonda house is open and she’s giving you a personal tour via video It isn’t often an A-List celebrity invites you in to take a personal tour of a beloved house she’s about to sell. But two-time Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda has made a very intimate video describing all…

founder review split review 1

New This Weekend: The Founder Review & Split Review — Burgers and the Boogieman

The Founder Review and Split Review — Lisa Johnson Mandell gives you two takes for the price of one. The Founder Review The Founder tells the fascinating story of Ray Kroc, the pseudo father of McDonalds. Too bad the film is not nearly as fascinating as it would, could or should be. Michael Keaton, who…


You Won't Believe What I Found in the Gift Bag at the Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge Honoring the Golden Globe Awards

Stars love this event because it’s like a box of chocolates: They never know what they’re gonna get in the gift bag at the Secret Room Event Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge Honoring the Golden Globe Awards   It’s awards season again, and you know what that means: I share with you all the…

must see movies la la land

Lisa's List of Must See Movies Currently at a Theater Near You

Lisa Johnson Mandell gives you the run down on her picks for must see movies of the season So. The first thing everyone always asks me is, “Any must see movies out now?” I usually respond with a short list of one or two, but this time of year I have numerous suggestions — after all, ’tis…

Norman Lear estate master suite

Iconic Norman Lear Estate Premieres on the Market

Countless classic TV episodes have been conceived on the Norman Lear Estate A legend in the television industry is now offering up one of Los Angeles‘ most legendary estates. The Brentwood compound of 94-year-old TV impresario Norman Lear is now on the market for $39.95 million.

must miss movies silence

Lisa's List of Must Miss Movies — Long Hours You'll Never Get Back

Lisa Johnson Mandell reveals her choices for Must Miss Movies — four frustrating, forgettable films that you might otherwise be tricked into seeing. Now that I’ve posted my Must See Movies, it’s time to warn you about the films that highly disappointed me, and will likely disappoint you as well. Many of them are getting major awards…

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