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Hidden, Historic Hollywood Mansion Gets a Facelift — Come and See!

I’m about to let you in on one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets: nestled in the hills right above Hollywood Boulevard sits a 47-acre park, anchored by a historic Hollywood mansion built in 1907. The Wattles Mansion, Park and Gardens are now owned by the City of Los Angeles and open to the public, under the management…

Elvis & Nixon

ELVIS & NIXON Review — Truth That's Stranger and Funnier Than Fiction

I like my comedies like I like my men — dry and tasty. Seriously, how can you not enjoy a film that has a tagline of: “On December 1, 1971, two of America’s greatest recording artists met for the first time”? The meeting between the beloved and befuddled king of rock-n-roll and the unloved and unctuous President…

Broad Beach House 14

Frank Sinatra (and I) Savored This Broad Beach House, and You Can Too!

I have at least two things in common with Old Blue Eyes. First and most obvious, a pair of blue eyes. But beyond that, we both adored the gorgeous Rachlin Partners‘ Broad Beach house, and unabashedly salivated over it.

The Boss Review

THE BOSS Review — Not a Resume Topper, But Still…

Melissa McCarthy’s latest vehicle is not one of her finest. It it can’t even come close to the hilarity of, say, Spy or St. Vincent or Bridesmaids. Still, I’ll take McCarthy on her worst day over Eddie Murphy or Adam Sandler on their most recent best. Sure, I’m inclined to be extremely supportive of  my sisters…

Cree light bulbs Frankie Feldman 1

Frankie Feldman Bones Up on Living Color Thanks to New Cree Light Bulbs

I’ve never really given light bulbs much thought. One goes out, I inform my husband, he replaces it. But now, thanks to the clever new Cree LED light bulbs and their brilliant advertising campaign. Both Hollywood Hound Frankie Feldman and I are all about the bulbs. And I may have a budding Doga on my hands. Bones…

home sales video  kitchen

Another Super Stylish Home Sales Video — Does Drama Sell?

I am so loving the trend of producing a themed, Hollywood-style home sales video to uniquely market a property! If the one we featured last week, showing kids enjoying the high life in a beautiful Bel Air modern was the most amusing, I’ve just come across one that could well be the most stylish and dramatic. See…

A Dozen Things You Can Do Now to Start Your Spring Garden

A Dozen Things You Can Do Now to Start Your Spring Garden

Editor’s Note: I originally wrote A Dozen Things You Can Do Now to Start Your Spring Garden for Yahoo Makers, right before the company pulled the plug on that particular site. But I thought the research was just too valuable to go unpublished, so I asked my Yahoo editor if I could run it here on AtHomeInHollywood, and he…

Batman V Superman Review

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Review — Been There, Slugged That

I’m sure die hard fanboys’ hearts will be all aflutter over this long anticipated throw down between the two biggest superheroes of all time. But as for me? I felt as if I’d been stuffed in a dark coffin, chained to the back of the Batmobile and dragged for 30 miles through the ruins of Gotham by…

Best Home Sale Video Ever 8

Could This be the Best Home Sale Video Ever?

What happens when a filmmaker becomes a realtor? You get possibly the best home sale video ever! I thought the video for chic Las Vegas property CAVU was the ultimate, but Realtor Ben Bacal’s latest effort to sell the mega modern mansion at 864 Stradella Road in Bel Air could be even more fabulous. You be the judge: 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Review

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2 Review — If Nothing Else, It Will Make You Hungry for Greek Food

It always surprises me when a group of heavy hitters famous for making excellent films come up with such a lazy dud. HBO and Playtone, headed by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, produced this film, for heavens sake. Nia Vardalos, star and creator of the delightful and original My Big Fat Greek Wedding, wrote the screenplay and stars…

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