PATRICK Review — Sit! Stay! Watch!

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Patrick review — Bad weather keeping you from going out for walkies? Stay in and watch this adorable dog movie with some pet you love. 

Patrick ReviewIt’s raining or snowing,  the sky is gray, and it’s simply too cold and wet to go out. You’re not up for investing the energy in a “significant” movie like Roma or Cold War, although you swear you’ll see them before the Academy Awards. But right now, you just want to watch something that will make you smile and feel warm and toasty. Patrick, a sweet British film about a girl and her pug, is just the ticket.

It’s the cinematic equivalent of chic lit, and it has the added benefit of entertaining your fine four-legged friend, who will want to cuddle with you while watching. I kid you not, Frankie Feldman was entranced by Patrick. He climbed up on the couch, draped himself across me and watched the screen with fixed attention. I wrapped my arms around his neck, rested my chin on his fluffy snowball head, and settled in for one of the most cozy and relaxing afternoons I’ve spent in ages.

Patrick, the title character, is a spoiled pug wh0 is willed to Sarah, (Beattie Edmondson of Drunk History and Bridget Jones’s Baby fame), by her eccentric grandmother. Sarah is not much of a dog person, and besides, she’s starting a new teaching job in a few days, so she’s really not in much of a position to take on a pup. But there seem to be no other options for poor Patrick.

And that’s all the setup you need. The faculty, the students, the love interest(s), and most of all Sarah, are influenced by this funny looking little guy who grunts, snores, dribbles and eats from the trash.

It’s a sweet, simple film written and directed by Mandi Fletcher (Absolutely Fabulous). You might also recognize cast members Ed Skrein (Deadpool, If Beale Street Could Talk)  and Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous, Shrek 2, Coraline).

With so much utterly appalling drama going on around us these days, it’s nice to have a cozy retreat of a film that will entertain both you and your best friend.

1 Hour 34 minutes

Not rated

If, after reading this Patrick review, you’d like to curl up and watch it, find it on Amazon, Apple TV, or several other streamers.

Patrick review — Bad weather keeping you from going out for walkies? Stay in and watch this adorable dog movie with some pet you love.

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