IT Review — Terrifying Yet Tender

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IT Review — Welcome back to the cineplex

IT review movie posterIt’s a rare movie that can satisfy both those who have read the book and those who haven’t, but there’s a little something to scare everyone in IT, one of the best cinematic adaptations of a Stephen King novel to come along in years.

I’m among Those Who Have Read It — I’m actually a big Stephen King fan. I think he’s one of the most creative American literary voices of our time — sort of a horror obsessed Mark Twain, if you will. And I was intrigued and delighted by IT, if such a sunny term can be used for such a dark film.

All you need to know about the plot is that children are disappearing in 1980’s Derry, Maine, and a creepy (is there any other kind?) clown has something to do with it. Be assured that the plot points that are too tragic to contemplate are mercifully discreet.

Those Who Have Read It might wonder if I’m mistaken on the decade, but that’s one of the major differences in the film — it’s set in the 80’s rather than the 50’s, which no doubt facilitates the other major change — the film only covers the characters’ childhood battle with the demon.

Their adult battle will no doubt show up in the sequel, and oh yes, there will be a sequel. This film is poised to take a blase box office by storm, sparking what will hopefully be a much better season than the summer served up. Setting the sequel in the current day should be easier and perhaps distract less from the story.

Viewers should be forewarned, helmer Andy Muschietti’s skillfully directed film is about kids, but not for kids. That R rating is well deserved. See it with someone you love, because I promise you, you will be huddled together quaking before the night is through.

Rated R

2 Hours 15 Minutes

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IT Review — Terrifying, Yet Tender

by Lisa Johnson Mandell


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Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell is an award winning journalist, author and film/TV critic. She can be heard regularly on Cumulus radio stations throughout the US, and on BBC Radio.

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  1. Staci on September 8, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    Fantastic review. Truth: It’s a movie about kids, but not for kids. Scary stuff, terrific write up.

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