Jasmine Roth Unveils a Decor Style That’s Outwardly Elegant but Secretly Dirt-Cheap

  Realtor.com   On “Help! I Wrecked My House,” Jasmine Roth rescues homeowners who started renovations and then ended up in over their heads. And in her latest episode, she must help her clients on an extremely limited budget. In the Season 4 episode “Second Chances,” Roth meets MJ and Jason, who had grand plans…


‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Reveals the One Renovation That’ll Instantly Boost a Home’s Value by 20%

  Realtor.com   On HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous,” Dave and Jenny Marrs have helped countless families feel more comfortable in their own homes, but in the latest episode, it’s for a very good cause. In the Season 5 episode “A Military Family Renovation,” the Marrses renovate a three-bedroom, two-bath home for their friends Philip and…


Dave and Jenny Marrs of ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Return—With a Comeback Trend That’ll Make You So Happy

  HGTV   HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” has returned for Season 5, and on the premiere, Dave and Jenny Marrs tackle a true fixer-upper and transform it into something unrecognizable from what it was before. In the episode “Drab Fixer to Charming Cottage,” they take a shabby little ranch house and convert it into a…


‘It Thrills Me’: Hilary Farr’s Tiny Kitchen Trend Leaves Homeowner Giddy

  HGTV   It isn’t often that a renovation is a life or death matter, but when it is, you can count on Hilary Farr. On the latest episode of her show “Tough Love With Hilary Farr,” she encounters a safety hazard that could have done her clients in long before they’d even met. In…


‘Unsellable Houses’ Shows How To Make a $200K Profit on a Real Dog of a Property

  Realtor.com   On “Unsellable Houses,” twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb have renovated some run-down properties, but their latest project seems to have literally gone to the dogs. In the Season 4 episode “In the Dog House,” they encounter a home that appears to have been irreparably damaged by a pack of canines…


At Long Last, the Stars of ‘Bargain Block’ Fix Up Their Own Dump of a House

  HGTV   Finally, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of HGTV’s “Bargain Block” have turned their attention to reviving their own run-down hovel of a home. Bynum and Thomas, you see, never bothered to fix up the Detroit-area home that they purchased over two years ago. We saw many scenes with them discussing plans for beautiful houses they intended…


Indianapolis Home Featured on HGTV’s ‘Good Bones’ Hits the Market for $449K

  Realtor.com   When Mina Starsiak Hawk and her mother, Karen E. Lane, of the HGTV’s “Good Bones” bought this Indianapolis house for $45,000 in 2016, it was little more than an unfinished wooden box on a foundation. The rough build of the house when Mina Starsiak Hawk bought it and renovated it on “Good Bones” Realtor.com…


Hilary Farr Shows Off Her True Colors—on a Home You Must See To Believe

  HGTV   Designer Hilary Farr is famed for speaking her mind, and on the latest episode of her show “Tough Love With Hilary Farr,” she really lets her clients have it. In the Season 2 episode “Color Clash,” Farr meets Jennifer and Jason, who are parents to 11-year-old Jax. They have $90,000 to redo their…


‘Unsellable Houses’ Explains the Real Reason No One Will Buy Your Home Right Now

  HGTV   On “Unsellable Houses,” twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb have shown time and again that a few small tweaks to a property can attract buyers. But today’s high interest rates have made just about everyone hesitant. “Our market is literally shifting by the hour,” exclaims Davis in the latest episode, “Peach…


‘Bargain Block’ Shows How To Buy a House for $7,500—and Sell It for $179K

  HGTV   Detroit budget renovation experts Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas have come across some gnarly properties on “Bargain Block,” their HGTV show. But they’re almost certain the property in their latest episode is the worst ever, and they’re not sure they’ll ever see a profit on it. “We did buy this house sight…

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