Castle Rock Review

Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK Review – Get Caught Dead Watching It

Staci Layne Wilson’s Castle Rock review says the J.J. Abrams-produced Stephen King series on Hulu is off to a smooth and scary start Castle Rock is not a very nice place to live. Or die, for that matter. In the opening moments of this scary new series based on Stephen King’s stories (all of them!),…

Woman Walks Ahead

WOMAN WALKS AHEAD Review – Does it Paint an Accurate Picture of an Artist?

In her Woman Walks Ahead review, Staci Layne Wilson asks about artistic license By anyone’s account, Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain) was a badass and deserves her place in America’s Old West history. At a time when women were considered just a notch above chattel, Catherine was a renowned artist, a free spirit and an outspoken…


HEREDITARY Review — The Devil May Care, But Should You?

HEREDITARY Review by Staci Layne Wilson Have you ever wondered: What if Wes Anderson had directed Rosemary’s Baby? If so, I’ve got just the flick for you. If not, then it’s probably best you avoid Hereditary. Hereditary is quirky, strange and slow (Anderson) with just a smidgen of Satanism (Rosemary) which puts it in a precarious…

Deadpool 2 Poster

DEADPOOL 2 Review – Most Welcome Homicidal Hilarity

DEADPOOL 2 Review by Staci Layne Wilson He’s lewd, crude, and… kinda sweet. Yes, the indestructible superhero Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is back for sloppy seconds in Part 2 of a franchise that’s as likely to be as long-lived as its namesake. When the first Deadpool movie came out in 2016, it was a revelation and…


TULLY Review – Charlize Theron Plays Against Type & Scores Again

TULLY Review by Staci Layne Wilson Everyone knows Charlize Theron is more than just a fabulous face and a bodacious body—her Oscar for playing a serial killer in Monster proved that years ago—but you may not have thought of her as the go-to gal for comedy. While she did team up with director Jason Reitman…


MARY SHELLEY Review – A Lifeless Look at the Creator of Frankenstein’s Monster

MARY SHELLEY Review by Staci Layne Wilson Mary Shelley was a fearless, lusty and imaginative female by the standards of any era. In 1812 she ran away from home at the age of fifteen to fall into the arms and bed of her married lover – the pair lived in squalor in a London flat but…

Truth or Dare Review

TRUTH OR DARE Review — Playing a Sinister Game

TRUTH OR DARE Review by Pam Mandell Freedman Editor’s Note: Yes, Pam and I are related. She’s my hubby’s cousin. She had the opportunity to meet director Jeff Wadlow at the world premiere of Truth or Dare in his (and her) hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, which is better access than I had, and she graciously obliged…

chappaquiddick poster

CHAPPAQUIDDICK Review — Politics As Unusual

CHAPPAQUIDDICK Review by Staci Layne Wilson Even though the events that gives this movie its title happened nearly 50 years ago, most people know the word Chappaquiddick. It’s a place, but it also evokes notions of politics, coverups, and the infamous “Kennedy curse.” Director John Curran revisits the shocking and sad scandal in this gripping…


READY PLAYER ONE Review – Shall We Play a Game?

READY PLAYER ONE Review by Staci Layne Wilson From Tron to War Games, and The Matrix to Nerve, — the idea of living la vida loca inside a VR game has been studied in cinema pixel-by-pixel for decades now. Some fare better than others. I’m pleased to report that Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One comes out…


WILDLING Review – A Dark & Twisted Fairytale

WILDLING Review by Staci Layne Wilson Werewolves have been fodder for film since the days of Lon Chaney right up to the wildly popular Twilight franchise. The idea of a perfectly rational human transforming into a bloodthirsty beast is one that’s been explored countless times, and here’s yet another: Wildling. When kindly small-town sheriff Ellen Cooper…

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