DON’T LET GO Review — Actually, You CAN Let Go Of This One

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Don’t Let Go review — Time travel can be a tricky beast, and the filmmakers couldn’t quite wrestle it into submission. 

Don't Let Go ReviewThe time travel conceit often presents a slippery slope. Sometimes it works marvelously in movies, other times it’s a mess. Sadly, the latter is the case with Don’t Let Go, a flick with a great hook but a messy resolution. Part police procedural and part sci-fi thriller, it seems the filmmakers just couldn’t make up their minds on where to focus the story.

A strong cast is led by David Oyelowo (Selma) as Officer Jack Radcliffe, and Storm Reid (A Wrinkle in Time) as Ashely, his teenage niece whom he loves like a daughter. He’s practically raised her, dealing with his brother’s poor parenting choices as best he can.

But nothing can prepare Jack for the day he gets a garbled phone call from Ashley, clearly in terrible distress. He arrives at her home only to find three murdered corpses. In the days that follow his grief is penetrated by a ray of hope: another call from Ashley. Is she phoning from the past? A parallel present? Maybe, if he can keep her on the line, there’s a way to prevent her death.

That’s a great premise, and that’s the movie I wanted to see. However, instead of an offbeat existential mystery, I got a plodding crime-solving drama with a lot of crying. The visuals are completely uninspired and there’s little in the way of focused direction. Yet, somehow the two leads still manage to shine.

And the ever-reliable Alfred Molina (Frida) puts in a welcome appearance as Jack’s superior and concerned friend. The characters are good and the Twilight Zone-esque playground sets the scene for something really cool, but the filmmakers just didn’t run with it.

I’m giving Don’t Let Go a lukewarm thumbs-down… it’s not terrible, and who knows? You might like it. But I can’t say that it’s worth paying to see on the big screen—unless you happen to be in an alternate universe of paradoxes where other filmmaking decisions were made, thus preventing the death of thrills and chills.

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Rated R
1 Hour 47 Minutes

Don’t Let Go review — Time travel can be tricky beast, and the filmmakers couldn’t quite wrestle it into submission. 

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