The LAST MOVIE STAR Review — Burt Reynolds’ Swan Song is a Real Treat

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The Last Movie Star review— Lisa Johnson Mandell says Adam Rifkin’s film, Burt Reynolds swan song, is a poignant and entertaining treasure. 

The Last Movie Star ReviewFeeling like you’ve just about finished Netflix and Amazon and are looking for something new/old to watch? May I suggest a film that you might have missed if it ever came to a theater near you? The Last Movie Star, aka Dog Years, is a sweet and poignant film, made even more so by the fact that it was the last film Burt Reynolds made before his death in September of 2018.

Now available on Showtime On Demand and Amazon Prime, The Last Movie Star is a clever and gentle homage to Reynolds’ real life career. He plays Vic Edwards, a former international star, possibly the biggest in the world. Vic finds himself down on his luck after having self-destructed in various ways, as superstars do. He’s bitter and disappointed in himself and in life, but he always manages to maintain his trademark self deprecating humor.

Vic is taken by surprise when he’s invited to a seemingly prestigious film festival to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s hesitant to go, but his old pal Sonny, (played wonderfully by Chevy Chase) pushes him to, so he reluctantly agrees and heads to Nashville.

Upon arrival, he’s shocked and embarrassed to discover the affair is rather low budget — it’s less a film festival and more just a bunch of cinema geeks who excitedly gather to show movies in the back room of a bar. But the fans are devoted and are elated that their idol actually showed up.

Humiliated by how far he’s fallen, Vic goes on a soul searching journey, and in the process unexpectedly bonds with his sweet natured hosts. Clips from Vic’s (Burt’s) performances in Smokey And the Bandit,  Deliverance and more, add to the heartfelt, genuine, truly funny and moving moments of the film.

Ariel Winter, Ellar Coltrane and Clark Duke round out the cast, and are all terrific.  Take a look at director Adam Rifkin’s The Last Movie Star — you won’t regret it.

The Last Movie Star review— Lisa Johnson Mandell says Adam Rifkin’s film, Burt Reynolds swan song, is a poignant and entertaining treasure.

Rated R

1 Hour 34 Minutes


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  1. […] of all, major kudos go to writer/director Brian Cavallaro (Against The Night, The Last Movie Star), for making a film on a $10,000 budget. People spend more than that on GIPHYs these days. Filmed […]

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