Feeling Like a Wonder Woman With Connie Nielsen in My Veronica Beard Dickie Jacket

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Connie Nielsen Veronica BeardKnock me over with a swizzle stick! The first time I wear my new Veronica Beard Scuba Jacket with its Mariner Stripe Dickey, Connie Nielsen, one of the glamorous stars of Wonder Woman, notices it and says, “Love your jacket — Veronica Beard?” If that doesn’t prove that the right sartorial splurge is SO worth it, I don’t know what does.

Now I’m usually the one recognizing and complimenting the celebs on what they’re wearing at these chi-chi affairs–it’s a great icebreaker. So it was a particular thrill to have my own outfit noticed at a special screening of Wonder Woman where the stars, including Danny Huston, Gal Gadot, Nielsen and director Patty Jenkins, were mingling with critics and SAG members.

Gal Gadot Veronica BeardMy husband Jim was so impressed he didn’t even mention the price tag I’d removed just before we left and carelessly left sitting on the dresser. But then again, he was so gaga about exchanging Israel stories with his new heroine, Gal Gadot, that I don’t think anything would have phased him.

Now in case you’re wondering what all the jacket fuss is about, this is what this particular jacket is supposed to look like, when worn by a mother/model/surfer:

Veronica Beard

I, of course, wear mine with pants. That striped sweater underneath is actually a zip-in dickey and button-on cuffs, which makes it the perfect weight for warm California winters, with or without bikini. And there are loads of other dickeys available, which give the jacket a different look every time you wear it.

I found mine at Paloosh in Carmel, but I loved it so much that after I returned to L.A., I quickly found the Veronica Beard website and ordered the Long and Lean black blazer with the Gray Hoodie Dicky to add to my inadvertently growing collection.

Next on my list is the Army Jacket with the Camo Hoodie Dickey. Unless I opt to wear the Linden Midi Dress to the Critics Choice Awards. Yes, it seems that Veronica Beard is not just about hoodie jackets. It would be fun to see if Connie Nielsen recognizes the dress at the CCA’s. I’m sure she’ll be there, along with the rest of the cast of Wonder Woman, as I’m expecting many nominations for the seminal flick. And I think the filmmakers and stars would be the first to admit that a bustier and boots are nice, but sometimes all it takes is a great jacket to make you feel a real life Wonder Woman.

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