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Hundreds of Ways to Celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day

National Spoil Your Dog Day

To celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day, I’m giving Frankie the day off.

Who even knew there was a National Spoil Your Dog Day? But, as all my pet-loving friends agree, we’ll use any excuse to shamelessly pamper our pooches, right? As if they need more lavish attention

A survey done by NationalToday.com in celebration of National Spoil Your Dog Day shows that, based on how regularly dog owners in each state engage in loving behaviors with their dog, (like giving treats and doggy kisses) California is the state where dogs seemed to be loved the most. Here are the top five states:

National Spoil Your Dog Day

Bark Box’s Best Treats in the World

1: California
2: New York
3: Washington
4: Tennessee
5: Florida

More fascinating facts from the National Spoil Your Dog Day survey?

  • It’s no surprise that 7 in 10 Americans buy their dog a gift at least once a month, But did you know 48% of men and 60% of women find people who buy their dogs gifts more attractive?
  • 7 in 10 owners let their dogs sleep in their beds. While only 13% say their pup sleeps with them all the time, and 68% say their furry friend sleeps in their bed more than once a month. I’m afraid Franky Feldman is not among them–at least when Jim’s home.
  • 60% of dog owners give their dogs special treats. Really? I find that number too low.
  • 49% tell their dogs “I love you” Or in my case, “I wuv you-ie you!”
  • 30% post photos of their dogs all over social media. Yes, Frankie Feldman has his own Instagram account, but he generates such amazing traffic I confess to appropriateing his pics for the AtHomeInHollywood account.
National Spoil Your Dog Day

Brilliant Bark Boxes

Now that I’ve shamed you into treating your own pup, if you haven’t already, may I suggest a subscription to Bark Box? Each month, your four-legged friend will receive a themed box packed with two toys, two bags of treats, a chewy or two, and sometimes even fun activities you can indulge in with your pup. Frankie loves them, and I swear he knows exactly when they arrive on my doorstep. He comes and gets me in my office, takes me to the front door, and plants his nose on it until I open it for him.

But if you’re slightly commitment phobic and would rather not sign up for a monthly plan, you can run right out to Target, because now BarkBox products are available there to buy one at a time or online. Imagine the happy dance the Target dog is doing right now!

National Spoil Your Dog Day

BarkBox products are now available at Target

And if you want to plan for the future, there’s nothing like Bowser Beer and Doggie Cigars. They are Frankie’s absolute favorites!

National spoil your dog day

Happy National Spoil Your Dog Day!


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