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Stars love this event because it’s like a box of chocolates: They never know what they’re gonna get in the gift bag at the Secret Room Event Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge Honoring the Golden Globe Awards

Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe Awards


It’s awards season again, and you know what that means: I share with you all the fabulous new products that the stars take home at the amazing gifting suite held in honor of the Golden Globe Awards. The Secret Room Gift Lounge bags are covered because they contain fascinating and unusual gifts from all over the world–China, Japan, Australia and France were represented this year, and, for the first time ever that I know of, Russian delegates were on the scene.

The Russian company is called Splat, and they gave away little bottles of minty “Express Oral Care Foam” that you squirt in your mouth, hold for five seconds, then spit, and it takes the place of a good tooth brushing when you’re on the go. Completely practical, and also completely unexpected.

Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe AwardsMore in line with what you might expect in coordination with the Golden Globe Awards are the 24k Gold Collagen facial masks from Martinni Beauty, that moisturize, smooth and reduce wrinkles. A quick visit to their site reveals that they make breast masks as well–now that’s unique!

Particularly useful to those who did not win anything a the Golden Globe Awards would be “The Happiness Box,” an aluminum can (?) filled with 365 happy sentences, one for each day of the year.

And to put a firm, wrinkle-free smile on anyone’s face, there was a generous bag of facial care products from CelleCle’ Skincare. With the goal of harmonizing the skin’s coexistence with the changing environment, their products aim to neutralize modern problems caused by pollution, extreme climate, mobile devices, computers, etc. Just think about how often you squint at your digital devices! There’s a serum for that.

Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe AwardsAlso for the face? Serumtologie ® vitamin C serum; Biorderma skin care products plus cleansing solution and towelettes, which I can never get enough of; a fabulous face care kit and bottle of eye lift serum from Auspect Skin Care (from Australia, naturally); and from Poland via Santa Monica, Woda (pronounced “Voda” meaning “water” in Polish) skincare products developed by esthetician Margaret Tomaszewicz.

Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe AwardsFor the body, we were introduced to the unique products from Barlean’s, dietary supplements, that taste delicious and are good for you: yummy powders to put in your smoothies, key lime flavored fish oil, pomegranate flavored Omega Swirl, and the most coveted item of all in any movie lover’s home like ours, butter flavored coconut oil for popcorn! Also for popcorn in the gift bags we received White Truffle Salt Ghee Butter from 4th & Heart. How’s that for decadently scrumptious?


Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe AwardsIn addition, the tummy was treated to my hubby’s favorite, Julie’s Real gluten free and paleo grain free granola, almond, cashew and coconut butter. It also seemed to be the favorite of Kevin Dillon, aka Entourage‘s Johnny Drama, who appeared to be in ecstasy as he sampled Julie’s products. I fell under Julie’s spell as well.

Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe AwardsFor the hair, there was Cote CH shampoo and conditioner, a plant-based CH concoction that preserves color, adds body and moisture and is gluten free, paraben free and sulfate free. That’s right…gluten free. Apparently it can be absorbed into your body.

Gift Bag at the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of Golden Globe AwardsAmong the goodies you’ll now find in stars’ homes thanks to the Secret Room Gift Event In Honor of the Golden Globe Awards is the new “Dripo portable ice-drip coffee maker,” for that smooth and rich cold brew coffee you’ve been hearing so much about. And celeb homes will smell heavenly thanks to the gorgeously packaged candles from Anne Neilson Home. Anne is famous for her beautiful angel paintings, of which my new client, Roma Downey, has several.

Golden Globe Awards swag bagFor the wee ones, there were super sensitive and sweet smelling, sulphate free bath products from AromaBaby from down under. The products are so exceptional most Australian hospitals use them. My littlest elf Asher gets those. For the rest of the nieces and nephews, there Emoji Pez dispensers, Pop Rocks (remember those?) and a coloring canvas and a generous assortment of felt pens from Canvas on Demand.

Secret Room is always big on pets  and this year, their charity was Paw Works-Paw Works, a nonprofit animal rescue organization dedicated to partnering with county and city to save and give abandoned animals a second chance at life. The Beverly Hills Tennis Academy is giving 50% off private, semi-private, group and family tennis lessons to all who donate to Paw Works Charity this year at the event or otherwise. For pet lovers, Boston Firefighter Jack was on hand to present his Firefighters, nifty little brush type things that remove hair from just about anywhere. Of course Frankie Feldman is a no-shed breed so I’ll be giving that away, but he will enjoy the Pawmagranate Chicken Strips that came in the gift bag, and the Mighty No Bitey that keeps bugs from biting men, women and children, and there’s a special one for dogs! Comedian Elaine Boozler was on hand to present the pup version, and a portion of their profits go to her pet charity.

Mighty No Bitey Golden Globe Awards

Priyanka Chopra and comedienne Elaine Boozler check out the Mighty No Bitey

How the clever people at Secret Room Events manage to fit so many fun products on one giant LL Bean tote is beyond me. I mean, it is absolutely huge and sturdy, but it is packed! That’s why the celebrities like it so well. It’s full of products they end up loving, that they might not have the chance to sample otherwise. So now that you know what the stars are using, you can check these products out and treat yourself like Hollywood royalty too.

You Won’t Believe What I Found in the Gift Bag at the Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge Honoring the Golden Globe Awards


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