Panting for the New Malibu Mix from Gaslamp Popcorn

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Gaslamp Popcorn's Malibu Mix

Frankie Feldman and the lovely Lola do a doodle paw de doo with the new Malibu Mix from Gaslamp Popcorn

Film critics can’t help but become popcorn aficionados. It’s one of the hazards of the job. I’ve doubtless sat in hundreds of theaters, watched thousands of movies, and downed millions of kernels of popcorn in my day, and I hate to say it, but I’ve gotten to the point where I mostly mindlessly munch. The big differentiator is theater popcorn versus what I eat at home. And until a few weeks ago, the theater popcorn was hands down the winner.

Gaslamp Popcorn MalibuMix bagThen I received a boxful of bags of Gaslamp Popcorn’s Malibu Mix in the mail. I think my cinema snacking habits have changed forever, but oddly enough, my waistline hasn’t. A full cup, which is filling enough to satisfy anyone, is only 50 calories. Also, all Gaslamp Popcorn is gluten-free and made from non-GMO corn. I’m telling you, this stuff is a revelation!

I think it’s the flavor variety that makes Malibu Mix such a unique treat. It’s a combination of Gaslamp Popcorn’s signature Sea Salt & Olive Oil, White Cheddar and Kettle Corn. Since it all looks alike, you never know what you’re going to pop in your mouth next, and the combinations are all delicious.

Gaslamp Popcorn Malibu Mix

I’ll be honest with you, Frankie Feldman doesn’t really eat popcorn, although the website says that small amounts won’t hurt him–butter and salt and kernels in mass quantities are not good for dogs, but they’re not good for humans either. And with Gaslamp Popcorn, you don’t have to worry about that anyway.

Gaslamp Popcorn Malibu Mix

Daters, take note: If you want to be more irresistible than an adorable puppy, show up to your next Netflix and Chill with a bag of Malibu Mix.

But the mere mention of this delectable treat was enough to get him a date with the lovely Lola Caccavo Margott, a fellow Australian Labradoodle whom he’s had his eye on for quite some time. In the past, she’s been a bit indifferent toward him, but one whiff of Malibu Mix and they were frolicking together like the closest of doggie friends, before settling down on the couch to watch their favorite film, Cats and Dogs. Incidentally, Lady and the Tramp is another favorite, but they’d both seen it a million times. Frankie advises staying away from Marley and Me, and especially Amores Perros, because you know, the dog…

Yes, everybody and their dog is a critic these days, but this film critic is a former food critic, so when I say Gaslamp Popcorn’s Malibu Mix is pawsome, you know I know whereof I speak.

Gaslamp Popcorn Malibu Mix

Gaslamp Popcorn is born and raised right here in Southern California, but it’s probably available at a supermarket near you. Click here to find out, and get more information on their other flavors.




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  1. Craige story on September 4, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Cool stuff. Will have to check it out. Love those spokes dogs!!!

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