Frankie Feldman Bones Up on Living Color Thanks to New Cree Light Bulbs

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Cree light bulbs Frankie Feldman

I’ve never really given light bulbs much thought. One goes out, I inform my husband, he replaces it. But now, thanks to the clever new Cree LED light bulbs and their brilliant advertising campaign. Both Hollywood Hound Frankie Feldman and I are all about the bulbs. And I may have a budding Doga on my hands. Bones today, ballerinas tomorrow.

Cree light bulbs frankie feldman 3It went like this: the folks at Cree asked me if I’d be interested in writing about their new Cree PAR30 LED spot and flood light bulbs. But knowing that light bulbs are not very sexy in and of themselves, they included, along with samples of their bulbs, an adult coloring book and a set of 24 Crayola colored pencils, with the intent that I’d make the connection that my artwork would be more beautiful and pleasurable to create if I could actually see what I was doing under the soft yet strong light of Cree light bulbs.

Before I screwed the bulbs into the sockets (or, rather, my husband screwed them in), we learned that:

  • Only 10 percent of energy in a single incandescent is used to create light; the rest is used to create heat.
  • If every home in the US replaced one light bulb with an LED bulb, the amount of energy saved could light 3 million homes for a single year.
  • 25% of most people’s electric bill comes from lighting expenses.

cree light bulbs Frankie FeldmanCree also informed us that with all LED lighting, homes can save $500 annually, but only better light can ensure comfortable environments that actually enhance your experience, décor and more. Of course, what really caught our attention is the fact that Cree PAR30 LED spot and flood light bulbs are designed to last nearly 23 years and are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Imagine only having to change your light bulbs once ever 20 years or so!

Cree light bulbs 1 PAR30_long_Wall_Wash-215Of course we were also impressed by the fact that Cree light bulbs have a 3000K color temperature, and are ENERGY STAR® certified, which give the home a warm glow without wasting energy on heating things up, that Cree PAR30 LED spot and flood light bulbs are designed for wet locations, which make them ideal for any outdoor application that’s exposed directly to water, and that Cree light bulbs show colors true and natural, going above and beyond (>90 CRI), so you see hues the way they are intended to be seen – colorful and vibrant.

Which brings us back to Frankie Feldman and the coloring book. I understand that adult coloring is huge with a certain segment of the population these days, and that most Millennials claim it calms them down and makes them happy. As a Boomer, however, it has about the opposite effect: I get stressed and unhappy while coloring, because I feel like there are about a million other more constructive things I should be doing instead.

But Frankie Feldman is part of the younger crowd, so I thought I’d let him take a crack at the coloring thing. He assured me that dogs are definitely not colorblind, thank you very much, in the sense that they see more than just black, white, and gray. Although, the color range they do perceive is limited compared to the spectrum we see, and the canine color field consists mostly of yellows, blues, and violets. That’s one reason why Cree light bulbs are especially important for him to enjoy and excel at this new artistic medium.

So we changed the light bulb to a Cree LED Par30 Short Neck Flood, and let him have at it. We think he did pretty well, don’t you? In fact, we were so impressed that we’re on our way out to Home Depot right now to replace the rest of our light bulbs with new Crees. They’re about $20.00 each–that comes out to about a dollar a year for them. Frankie Feldman approves, and wants us to buy him a set of oil paints with the money we save.

Cree light bulbs Frankie Feldman

Frankie Feldman Bones Up on Living Color Thanks to New Cree Light Bulbs

Cree light bulbs 1PAR30 Sales Sheet


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