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Paw Pack Pet Gift Guide

If you love your pets like we all do here At Home in Hollywood, you’ve already started thinking about what you’re going to get your furry friend for Christmas, and what you’re going to give to their doggone buddies. Hollywood Hound Frankie Feldman presented me with his Santa list two weeks ago.

So the opportunity to check out the new Paw Pack monthly subscription service showed up in my email box just in time. I’ve heard of dozens of different “Box of the Month” programs, but this one looked intriguing because:

  • They promise a “wholesome selection of only all-natural and grain-free treats, toys and accessories.”
  • The box would contain 4-5 products hand-selected for a dog the gargantuan size of Frankie Feldman–or any other pooch I specified.
  • A portion of every sale helps rescue animals in need.
  • The proprietors track industry news, health trends and the latest products to provide the very best the market has to offer–they’re not just stuffing the box with whatever overstocked items that are available. Believe me, some other goody box subscription services really feel that way.
  • Nothing is too good for Frankie Feldman.

Like all subscriptions of this nature, this one is least expensive if you sign up for a whole year. Paw Pack subscriptions go for $29 each for 12 months, $31 each for six months, $33 for three months and $39 for one month. All prices include postage. If I liked what I saw in my first pack, I figured the 12 month subscription would be more than worth it, since we spend at least that much on toys, treats, poop bags, etc. each month. Frankie Feldman is one spoiled Labradoodle.

Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack

The much anticipated package was intended to be shipped around October 15th, and arrived on Oct. 28th. We were a little disappointed it took so long to get here, because there was so much Halloween-themed fun packed in that we would have liked to enjoy it all month long. Frankie Feldman is a little too much of a fashion fiend to wear the Latham Company Festive Bandana with a brightly colored jack-o-lantern pattern too many days after Halloween, but this bandana is so well made and fastens with a convenient plastic clasp, so he can easily get more wear out of it next year.

Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack Latham Company Festive Bandana

The two toys that came in the box were also Halloween themed, but he’s not as picky with his toys as he is with his clothes. He happily plays with his stuffed Chanukah bone all year long. I’m thinking his new Charming Pet Spooky Slideez that looks like a green gremlin with rope arms will last at least as long, because it’s extremely well made. If Frankie Feldman can’t get the squeaky out in the first day or two, it’s good for eternity.

Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack Spooky Slideez

The other toy included in the October pack gets major kudos for being super cute. It’s called a “Zippy Paws Spooky Burrow,” and it’s a hollow, gray plush tombstone emblazoned with ‘RIP’ and it comes with three, stuffed, squeaky candy corn bats that fit inside. An interactive toy, it take Frankie a good five minutes to get all the bats out, and when I put treats in there as well, he was well occupied while Jim and I went to our various Halloween parties.

Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack Zippy Paws Spooky Burrow

Speaking of treats, there were two generous bags of them in the October Paw Pack:

Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack Treats

Whole Life Living Treats Pumpkin Beta Boost: freeze-dried pumpkin shaped and colored treats that allow your pet to indulge with you in your annual pumpkin binge, but in a very healthy way,

Look Who’s Happy Tempt’n Temders: made of USDA inspected chicken and pumpkin and shaped like small jerky strips, perfect for breaking up and using for training.

Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack Treats

Frankie Feldman’s reaction to his new treats? “Nom, nom, nom!” And no, he doesn’t respond to all treats that way. He is a bit of a doggy gourmand.

Paw Pack co-founding couple Ian Tenenbam and Alli Ross have eight pets of their own, and promise that each box will be “Meticulously sourced. Unsurpassed in quality. Totally delightful. At Paw Pack, we take great care in selecting products from companies that share our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of your pet. Our team of experts ensures that our products are always all-natural and grain-free, in an effort to be allergy-conscious. We also strive whenever possible to source products that are organic and eco-friendly.”

How can I resist a promise like that, as well as the puppy love Frankie Feldman is displaying right now as he attempts to liberate the squeaky candy corn bats from the tombstone? We’re hooked. Looks like we’ll be talking turkey in November.


Pet Gift Guide -- Paw Pack Treats

Pet Gift Guide: Paw Pack Passes Frankie Feldman Field Test

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  1. Avatar Karen Foutz on November 7, 2015 at 8:19 am

    If I had a dog, I’d definitely give him the Paw Packs for Christmas! Love you, Frankie!

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