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Lainey Keogh

When you think of superstar European designers, the first names that come to mind are probably Italian, French or perhaps English. All that’s about to change. You are about to have your fashion worlds rocked by a couple of fabulous ladies from…Ireland, if you can believe it. Lainey Keogh and Louise Kennedy are such well established and insanely talented designers that they’ve been featured on Irish stamps! Lainey Keogh Home StudioTheir fashions have been worn by royalty and rockstars, and now by yours truly, thanks to international interior designer Grania Murray’s Irish Retreat. I was able to visit these talented women’s home studios on the Emerald Isle, and my life, not to mention my closet, was changed forever. And yours can be too!

If you’re lucky and savvy enough to go on one of Grania’s Irish design retreats, you’ll be treated to lunch and fabulous commentary from Lainey herself, at her gorgeous country home and design studio in County Wicklow, just a hop, skip and a jump from Ireland’s elegant Powerscourt Hotel, where you’ll be staying in elegance and luxury. True confession: I’ve never been one much for cashmere, as I’m allergic to wool. I’d been able to resist all those gorgeous cable knit sweaters you find all over Ireland, and I didn’t expect to find much I’d want to take home at Lainey’s, either.

Then I stepped into her sun-filled studio, and fell in tactile love.

Lainey Keogh Home Studio

Wool allergy? What wool allergy? Surely these feathery, hand-knitted sweaters, cardigans, shawls, scarves, throws and even dresses, were spun of silk, because they were too soft and delicate to have ever been near a hoofed and horned mammal. And those rainbow colors! You would taste them if you could, or frolic naked in a vat of them. I’m telling you, you just want to be enveloped by them and never come up for air. They are pure joy for all five senses.

Lainey Keogh Home Studio

Lainey Keogh Long Sweater I loved them so much I had to take home two pieces: one long, floaty cardigan in a beautiful soft lavender, and a shorter, light but more tailored cardigan in a delicious blueberry. Lainey gifted me a softy soft, pale sky blue scarf, and my friends and family are imploring me to order them more directly from Lainey herself.

Where can you find them, you may wonder? Well, here in Los Angeles, her creations are sometimes available at Maxfield’s. If that’s not convenient for you, you can keep your eyes on, her website that is currently being rebuilt. If you have questions in the meantime, try emailing her at Or you could go on The Irish Retreat yourself — there’s one leaving in November…

Check Out Irish Fashion Icons Lainey Keogh and Louise KennedyIf you do, you’ll also be treated to a champagne reception in the home studio of world famous Irish designer Louise Kennedy, who dresses royalty, brides, business tycoons, politicians, philanthropists and normal people like us, the world over. She lives and works in an elegantly designed Georgian townhouse, right in the heart of Dublin. Even if her beautiful clothing hadn’t been displayed there, it would have been worth the trip just to see the elegant interiors.

Louise’s designs are timeless. A bespoke wedding dress made of Irish lace and silk, could happily be worn by your mother, yourself, and your daughter.

Lainey Keogh and Louise Kennedy Bridal


My Irish friend Marie O’Mahoney has Louise Kennedy pieces she bought years ago, and will still look stylish 20 years down the line. Her silk, cashmere, satin and lace, not to mention the pearls and beading, are contemporary yet timeless. And you can have her designs tailored especially for you, in whatever color you fancy.

Surprisingly enough, her prices are not outrageous, especially these days, with the Euro what it is against the US dollar. The average, bespoke Louise Kennedy wedding dress costs around $3,500, which would make it worth a couple of trips to Dublin for the fittings (and you can pick out crystal gifts for your bridesmaids while you’re there). Personally, I was most enamored of her chic “Kennedy Bag,” which goes for 1,495 Euros, which, as those of you who enjoy designer bags, is relatively reasonable.

Check Out Irish Fashion Icons Lainey Keogh and Louise Kennedy

Louise Kennedy’s designs are more readily available, with flagship stores in Dublin and Ireland, as well as in finer department stores like Brown Thomas and Herrods.  And you can always find her latest collection online on her website.

Regardless of whether or not you have Irish ancestry, (I think I have a few drops of Irish blood on my Nana’s side), a few fabulous pieces from either one or both of these iconic designers will make you feel supremely special, unique and fresh–just like Ireland itself.

Check Out Irish Fashion Icons Lainey Keogh and Louise Kennedy




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  1. Grania on September 1, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Wow Lisa. Fabulous article. You’ve brought every minute right back in exquisite detail. Thanks a million!

  2. abigail jones on September 7, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    Makes me want to log on to Kayak and start researching fares to Ireland!

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