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Hollywood's Favorite New Last Minute Luxury Gift

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Gold Display

The men of Beverly Hills who need a last minute gift for their chic mothers-in-law, or a stocking stuffer for their well-heeled wives, are running over to the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge, which is esthetician-to-the-stars Vida Emanuel’s newly opened beauty spa and anti-aging boutique. Among other elite procedures, they can get a gift certificate for a 24-Karat Gold Red Carpet “Foot Facial ” pedicure, for a mere $300.

“What pedicure could possibly be worth a whopping $300?” you ask. Well, here’s what that princely sum entitles you to:

The 90-minute pedicure begins with a luxurious essential oil soak in an herbal mineral bath with energy healing stones. Kagen acid-balanced water is used to disinfect and kill germs and bacteria. A full cleansing and microdermabrasion for the feet are then conducted to rid dull and dead skin cells. The Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System is used to exfoliate, buff and clean the bottom of the feet as well as the top, “relieving pain and discomfort, rejuvenating the skin, improving circulation, decreasing inflammation and making the feet smooth and supple.”24K Gold Bottle

But wait–there’s more. An expert pedicure follows, with nails and cuticles trimmed and buffed. Then an exfoliating scrub is applied, followed by an ‘IceDancer’ menthol gel massage. A warm towel wrap activates the menthol to circulate blood and relieve achy, tired feet. Next comes a marine mud mask, placed over the gel before the feet are washed and rinsed, and Firewalker Moisturinzing and soothing foot cream, found in the tropical rianforest, is also massaged in. Moisturizing continues up to the knee with organic Baobab moisturizing body butter slowly massaged in.

And at last, the signature 24-Karate Gold Deep Serum, combined with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and a powerful boost of botanicals and essential oils is massaged in to restore softness to the skin. And what pedicure would be complete without a formaldehyde-free polish? All this happens while you’re seated on a plush, padded relaxation chair, wearing headphones and listening to meditative music while swiilling champagne and nibbling  strawberries.

If you’re a foot person and not overly ticklish, this just might be the ultimate indulgence fantasy. I, for one, think it beats the hell out of a new vacuum cleaner.

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