By Staci Layne Wilson @StaciWilson Based on a French crime novel, helmed by the director of Taken, and starring a, er, mature, muscle-bound male with a perpetual scowl, The Gunman certainly doesn’t break new ground. Unnecessarily convoluted given its simple premise, it’s as though the screenwriters (all three of them) were trying to hide their…



Life is too short to sit through this type of grim, violent, ugly film. If you’re expecting another Liam Neeson “I WILL find you!” the twist being that this time he’s searching for his son, rather than his daughter, you’ll be not only disappointed, but perhaps discomfited that you wasted good money and a good night on a…



Warm, fuzzy, colorful and comfortable, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is much like your favorite pashmina–the one that makes you feel happy every time you wear it. On this return visit, all your favorite characters are still staying at the original inn, and it’s so successful that the loquacious Sonny, played by Dev Patel, is attempting to attract…

Cut Bank Movie Poster

CUT BANK Movie Review

By Staci Layne Wilson @StaciWilson Cut Bank is the name of the small, rural Montana town where the labyrinthine plot unfolds. It begins when handsome but thick Dwayne (Liam Hemsworth) is filming an audition tape for his sweetly vapid, blonde girlfriend Cassandra (Teresa Palmer), and – lo and behold – a murder takes place on…



Some people will go see Chappie because it’s directed by Neill Blomkamp, the formerly fresh but gritty South African genius behind the wildly original sci-fi thriller District 9. Some people will go see Chappie because it stars favorites Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel and Sharlto Copley. Some people will be disappointed because no one in the film gets…


Focus Movie Review

Slick, smooth, stylish and steamy. Is Focus a great work of cinematic art? No — of course not. This is February, for heaven’s sake, and very little of any artistic merit is released this time of year. But is Focus a hot diversion on a cold winter’s night? Absolutely! The stars, Will Smith, looking attractively scruffy and a bit…

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Black and White and Red All Over – Oscar Fashion 2015

By Staci Layne Wilson @StaciWilson The rain-soaked red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony may have been saturated… but not with color. Monochrome was all the rage – it was as if Dice, Dalmatians, and Oreo cookies were the inspiration for every fashionista and stylist from here to Hollywood Boulevard. Fifty Shades of Grey notwithstanding,…


Maps to the Stars Movie Review

If the title alone of Maps to the Stars didn’t intrigue us here at At Home In Hollywood, where we cover all things celebrity home oriented, the glittering cast certainly did. After all, it features the recently Oscar anointed Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska, to name just a few. When the film began with a…


Fifty Shades of Grey Review

Fifty Shades of Grey review by Lisa Johnson Mandell The good news is that it’s better than I’d expected. The bad news is that it’s not as good as enraptured fans hoped. It wasn’t much of a stretch for Fifty Shades of Grey filmmakers to create a movie that is superior to the books from a quality perspective; even the…

50 Shades Charcoal

So You Wanna Wear 50 Shades of Gray…

These days, it seems it’s all about the grays. With everyone looking for a tie-in to what will no doubt be one of the hottest films of the year, you’ll find advice for using a 50 shades of gray theme on your walls, in your boudoir, in your closet, in your garage — even in your kitchen, although we…

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