Unique Lack of Diversity in Oscar Acting Nominations

Unique Lack of Diversity in Oscar Acting Nominations

Although Selma is nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year and Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman is nominated nine times, note that there is a unique lack of diversity in Oscar acting nominations. All 20 of those who received nods for best actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress, are, to use a sweeping term, white. In…


The Boy Next Door Review

By Staci Layne Wilson @StaciWilson On a scale of one to Gigli, Jennifer Lopez’s latest cinematic sortie is off the charts. The Boy Next Door – the titular “boy” being a full grown, 27-year old Abercrombie and Fitch model (Ryan Guzman) – starts off with an opening title sequence that’s so cheesy, even Wisconsin would…


Best Actor, Actress and Farewell to 'Just Seen It'

I’m always up for a rousing debate about who will and who should win the Oscars for best actor and best actress, but the panel discussion I recently participated in on the PBS review show Just Seen It was particularly bittersweet. It was the last segment of the show I’ll ever appear in, on the last episode of the show…

Everly Movie Poster

'Everly' Review

By Staci Layne Wilson @StaciWilson If you’ve ever dreamed of watching a scantily-clad Salma Hayek’s ta-ta’s bounce in time to the tat-tat of machine gun fire while Christmas carols blare, then do we have the movie for you. It’s called Everly, and is it ever a trip. The titular Everly is played to the hilt…

Critics Choice Movie Awards

2015 Critics Choice Awards are Better Than Ever!

This year A&E is broadcasting the Critics Choice Awards, and they are going all out–they hired Michael Strahan as the host, all the stars and filmmakers will be there front and center, and I’ll be right their in the middle of them, seated snuggly at a table with Lana Del Rey (YES!). “What are the Critics…


The Thinking Guys Guide to Movies for the New Year

By James Mandell Editor’s Note: Every holiday season my favorite seat mate, James Mandell, contributes a Thinking Guys Guide to Movies for the New Year. Enjoy!    Top Picks Interstellar Stellar indeed, this is some dense story-telling, requiring leaps of quantum faith, but once accomplished, it’s a geek’s play land of possibilities, reminiscent of 2001 but more exciting and…

Into the Woods Review

Into the Woods Review

The perfect movie to see with the family on Christmas day, if the all-star cast of Into the Woods doesn’t charm you, Stephen Sondheim’s extraordinary music will. Even the most committed musical phobe will find something to enjoy in this spectacular musical fantasy. Filmmakers spared no expense when it came to casting this dark, fairy tale mashup, with…

The_Interview poster

The Interview Review

Heaven help me, I’ll probably get hacked and attacked by terrorists for writing a positive review, but I found The Interview absolutely hysterical, and I would have given it my vote for best comedy of the year had Sony not pulled it from theaters. I’m really hoping they release it on a pay per view basis online, or it…

American Sniper Review

American Sniper Review

At last, Clint Eastwood is back in fine form with American Sniper, a gripping, must-see movie based on the true experiences of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in the country’s military history. Even if you don’t like war movies (I find them particularly hard to watch), this riveting, harrowing and important film will make you…

unbroken better

Review: Unbroken

Unbroken has a massive built-in audience: There are the millions who read Laura Hillenbrand’s riveting book, millions more who like a good American war story, and then there are those who are fans of Angelina Jolie’s work. I fall into two of those three categories, and was hoping that Unbroken would be brilliant. Louis Zamperini. the Olympic champion,…

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