Dog review

DOG Review — If Channing Tatum Weren’t So Engaging…

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Dog review says that the faux buddy comedy would play dead if it weren’t for the charm of its star and co-director. It has all the ingredients for the perfect road trip/ reluctant buddy comedy: hunky, hapless, charming guy; cute if rambunctious dog, together in a car for days, learning, growing and…



In her The Second Age of Aquarius review, Lisa Johnson Mandell says filmmakers Staci Layne Wilson et al have come up with a whole new irresistible genre  In The Second Age of Aquarius, Russell Aquarius (Michael Ursu) is one of those ’60s rock stars who lived too fast, died too young, and left a good-looking corpse. Even…

Marry Me review

MARRY ME Review — Should You Say ‘I Do’ to This J-Lo Rom Com?

In her Marry Me review, Lisa Johnson Mandell says the film checks all the right boxes. It’s a See’s Scotchmallow, just in time for Valentine’s Day. How long has it been since we’ve seen a fun, flashy rom come in which boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy…. you know the drill. Too long in…

Death on the Nile review

DEATH ON THE NILE Review — A Lavish and Cunning Cruise

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s Death on the Nile review raves about Kenneth Branagh’s latest writer/director outing, and encourages you to lose yourself in its splendor. Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile featuring Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot has been adapted many times before, for radio, stage, television and film—in 1978, with the unforgettable Peter Ustinov, Mia Farrow,…

MOONFALL Review — A Sci-Fi Mashup that Aims for the Stars

In her Moonfall review Lisa Johnson Mandell reveals the highest praise she can give Roland Emmerich’s latest sci-fi thriller moonshot. Well at least Moonfall is ambitious. The latest sci-fi space thriller from Roland Emmerich is jam packed with zooming spaceships, crumbling cities, fiery explosions, falling stars and personal drama. Those who have been starved for…

Parallel mothers review

PARALLEL MOTHERS Review — Colorful, Sensual and Surprising Magic

In her Parallel Mothers review, Lisa Johnson Mandell says Spanish masters Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz work their mutual magic in a mesmerizing, sensual and surprising drama de la corazon. I admit my affinity for the films of Pedro Almodóvar could be influenced by my time spent living in Spain. He always takes me right back home…

Scream review

SCREAM Review—Ghostface is Back, with a Wink and a Nod

Staci Layne Wilson’s Scream review says the slasher keeps to its postmodern roots while giving the proceedings contemporary cachet. Scream directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are a clever team of true horror aficionados—if their names don’t ring a bell, you may remember their sleeper hit, 2019’s Ready or Not—who are the perfect pair to…

The 355 review

THE 355 Review — Badass Beauties Tear Up the Screen

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s The 355 review revels in the fun of watching female super agents try to save the world, despite their male counterparts. Who can resist a female spy team movie staring Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, and Fan Bingbing? I certainly can’t, and neither should you. Women will cheer and men…

The lost daughter review

THE LOST DAUGHTER Review — Maggie Gyllenhaal Arrives With a Flourish as Writer/Director

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s The Lost Daughter review says Maggie Gyllenhaal’s debut as a writer/director is a triumph — one of the year’s best films. Everyone knows Oscar nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal is a transcendent actress. But it still felt awfully ambitious for her first writing/directing attempts to involve adapting author Elena Ferrante’s many layered novel The…

WEST SIDE STORY Review — Steven Spielberg Achieves the Impossible

Lisa Johnson Mandell’s West Side Story review claims the sacred material is in the right hands, and the film can regally take its place as the best of the year. I’m not going to lie — I was more than a little concerned when I heard that Steven Spielberg was working on a a remake…

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