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Blurred Lines Verdict

A Music Professional's Take on the Blurred Lines Verdict

Editor’s Note: From time to time I give my husband, James Mandell, the podium, especially when he has particularly relevant or passionate insight. As a talented musician/composer who was educated at the New England Conservatory, has had several record deals with major labels and is busily composing today, I believe his thoughts on the Blurred…

bob-odenkirk 1

The Skinny on Bob Odenkirk's New House

Better call Saul at a different number now that the ink is dry on the contract for Bob Odenkirk’s new house. The former star of  Breaking Bad is currently breaking bread in a 1940’s Spanish style Hollywood Hills home, after selling his mid-century modern for $2.45 million. The star of Breaking Bad spin-off and prequel Better Call Saul, which…

Melissa McCarthy and Lisa

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Secret

Yes, my friends, that’s our favorite (formerly) plus-size gal Melissa McCarthy standing right next to me at the Critics Choice Awards, and, like you, I’m amazed to see how positively petite she looks. I absolutely dwarf her, and I’m about a size 8 on most days.  That makes her look like maybe a size 4? What, you may ask,…

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Joins Ray Donovan

Anyone familiar with my taste in television knows how I love me some dark and dirty Ray Donovan on Showtime. A little like the Los Angeles version of The Sopranos, Liev Schreiber’s alpha male “fixer” is, not unlike Tony himself, the bad guy you just can’t bring yourself to hate, no matter how much havoc he…

Taraji P. Henson

Fashion Fling – Costume Designer Rita McGhee Reigns on Empire

By Staci Layne Wilson @StaciWilson One cookie that never crumbles – and always looks like a zillion bucks clad head-to-toe in luscious leopard or sparkling Swarovski  – is the best love-to-hate-her TV beeyotch to saunter along since “Dynasty’s” Alexis Carrington: she is Cookie Lyon, played to pouty perfection by Taraji P. Henson.     In…

Fargo Brad_Garrett

Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson Join the Fargo TV Series

You read it here first that Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have signed on the the new season of the FX’s Fargo TV series. Now it’s just been announced that Golden Globe nominated actor Patrick Wilson (Angels in America, The Conjuring), multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner Ted Danson, and multiple Emmy winner Jean Smart…

"Breaking Bad" Los Angeles Premiere

Woo Hoo! Another Season of the Fargo TV Series is (Partially) Cast

Anyone who is familiar with my taste in television knows how much I loved FX’s Fargo TV series, based on the Coen Brothers classic film of the same name. I was not alone–the miniseries received 18 Emmy nominations – the second highest total of any program on television this year – and won three awards, including…

Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk Lists Exterior 2

Better Call Saul if You Want This Insanely Cool Midcentury Modern

It seems that Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk is popping up in all the right places lately. Not only is the world waiting with bated breath for his smarmy lawyer Saul Goodman spin-off, Better Call Saul on AMC, but he also appeared as a hapless police chief on Fargo, the TV series, and as a level headed…

Nicole_kidman headshot

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon In Big Little Lies for TV

Proving once again that it’s no longer a fall from grace for an A-List movie star to appear on television, you’ll soon be able to see Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies, a limited episode TV series based on Liane Moriarty popular novel of the same name. And to…

photo 1

Food Network Cooks Up Happy Holidays

Every year the Food Network and the Cooking Channel team up to send me fascinating holiday gifts, in hopes of, or in gratitude for, prominent coverage of their programming. Hey, I’m not above responding to extremely resourceful schmoozing. This holiday season they sent me what I consider the best and most practical gift yet — the ultimate…

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