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CBD for fitness

How I Use CBD for Fitness at Home in Hollywood (Don’t Worry — It’s Perfectly Legal)

It’s not naughty and I don’t get high! Here at home in Hollywood I use CBD for fitness, and a Wall Street Journal article just might back that up. I saw an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal this morning: “Fitness Devotees Are Getting Stoned to Stay Toned — Pot helps relieve the pain and…

Dee Wallace, forever known as the mom in ET, with a bottle of Hope & Grace wine.

No Emmy Season is Complete Without the Bergman Style Lounge — Check Out the Celeb Goodies!

The Bergman Style Lounge is THE gifting event of Emmy Season, where celebs and journalists like little old me discover fabulous new finds. SO glad I went to the Bergman Style Lounge and Party in celebration of the 71st Annual  Emmy® Awards. The event turned out to be a lot more fun than the actual…

Malibu Mansion

Recognize this Place? You’ve Seen This Malibu Mansion in the Movies and On TV

This luxe Malibu mansion has been the location for numerous Hollywood productions. How many times have you seen it? You know that part of the movie or TV show where the main character attends a posh party at a lavish beach house, and decadence ensues? Chances are it was filmed in this recently listed Malibu…

Young Sheldon House

You Too Could Live in the Young Sheldon House — But it Ain’t in Texas

The Young Sheldon House, where wee Master Cooper often chats with his Mee-Maw, is actually located in So Cal’s Valley Village, and is on the market for $1,185,000. On the popular sitcom Young Sheldon, this quaint ranch house stands in as the humble Texas home of Sheldon Cooper’s family. In reality, it’s a long way from…

Frankie Feldman, BioFit 360

Frankie Feldman is in the Celebrity Dog House! Find Out Why and Howl

Many of you know Frankie Feldman as this site’s Hollywood Hound, but now he’s also the ambassadog for BioFit360 CBD products for pets and people. Find out what’s up with that… I don’t mean to brag, but my giant white labradoodle Frankie Feldman is quite the traffic stopper. Literally. It’s hard to walk him down…

Reese Witherspoon house

You Can Rent the Fab Reese Witherspoon House from BIG LITTLE LIES

The Reese Witherspoon house from Big Little Lies is actually in Malibu, and you can rent it for $3,000-$5,000 per night. Fans love the award-winning HBO series Big Little Lies for a number of reasons, not least of which is the drop-dead gorgeous real estate. Some have even argued that the mansions depicted on the…

Rock doc

Rock Doc Roundup – Films Featuring Bob Dylan, David Crosby and Bill Wyman

Staci Layne Wilson provides a rock doc rundown of great movies to watch now, and others that are up and coming. The past year has been something of a golden age for music movies, with the Oscar-winning success of Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born. At the moment, The Dirt and Rocketman reign supreme…

CRiticis Choice Real TV Awards

Reality TV Awards Winners Announced — Some Real Shockers Ahead

Let’s just say I was quite surprised at a number of the winners of the Critics Choice reality TV awards, but the stars continue to shine. I know all of your are on the edge of your seats, breathlessly awaiting to find out about the winners of the inaugural Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards, held…

Lisa Henson House

The Lisa Henson House — My Favorite Design Style

I’m frequently asked about my favorite architectural/design style. Daughter of California that I am, you’ll see how the Lisa Henson house embodies all I hold dear. As much as I love clean modern lines and appreciate the virtues of the traditional 1930’s home where I currently live, it’s the classic California Spanish Revival style that…

Game of Thrones Concerts

Live GAME OF THRONES Concerts are Coming to a Theater Near You

Can’t bare to say goodbye? Me neither. But this Fall you can catch official, live Game of Thrones concerts with all the music you love and will never forget. The critically acclaimed Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience will return this fall for a 20-city amphitheater tour, bringing the music of Emmy® Award-winning Game of…

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