Barry Weiss Auctions America 6

Barry Weiss, the Bubble Car and Me at Auctions America

I admit that I’m not really a car girl. When I tour celebrity homes, I’m usually more interested in the decor style of the garages than in the cars they house. But all that changed last weekend, when my hubby and I attended Auctions America’s California Auto Sale at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. I originally went to see our buddy…

Paper Towns Review

PAPER TOWNS Review — More Like (Wet) Paper Towels

By Lisa Johnson Mandell In the beginning, teen coming of age drama Paper Towns has potential. Childhood friends find a dead body in their neighborhood. Fast forward to the friends’ senior year, and Margo (Cara Delevingne) climbs through Quentin’s (Nat Wolff) window, cajoling him to embark on a revenge mission against a number of classmates…

Conyers Farm Holmby Hills of the East Coast

Celebs Flock to Conyers Farm, the Holmby Hills of the East Coast–Now You Can Too!

If there’s one neighborhood in L.A. where the most impressive estates per capita are located, that would probably be Holmby Hills. Its East Coast counterpart would most likely be Conyers Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut. Glitterati such as Ron Howard, Tom Cruise, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Paula Zahn and sports figures Ivan Lendl and Allan Houston have…

Southpaw Review poster

SOUTHPAW Review: Timing is Everything

Let’s face it: boxing movies are all about the final big match. Everything that happens up to that point is there just to build tension. So ultimately, if that last match delivers suspense, excitement and impact, the film can be considered a success, right? Well, not so much. While Southpaw is punctuated with brutally and effectively…

Pixels Review

PIXELS Review — Good for a Giggle

By Lisa Johnson Mandell My critic colleagues will probably drum me out of the “union” for trashing Trainwreck and Paper Towns but touting Pixels. So be it. When you watch a movie through the eyes of its intended audience, you see things a little differently. Pixels is intended as a film for younger kids to watch with…

Jeff Bridges lists his Montecito estate 18

The Dude Downsizes — Jeff Bridges Lists His Montecito Estate

Can’t you just see him, scraggly facial hair, baggy bathrobe, wandering around the aloe tree forest? Yes, Jeff Bridges and Susan Bridges, his wife of 38 years, have just listed the family homestead, a 19.5 acre Montecito estate, for a goodly sum: $29.5 million. Surely they’ll miss the place, but with their three daughters grown, a…

Trainwreck review

TRAINWRECK Review — Amy Schumer Blows Hard

By Lisa Johnson Mandell Here’s the thing: You either get Amy Schumer or you don’t. I don’t. I think her humor is snarky and mean spirited and her foul mouth makes me uncomfortable. I say this knowing full well that she’s the hottest thing on TV right now, and soon to be the hottest thing on the…

Celebrity drought shaming Tom Selleck photo

Celebrity Drought Shaming: Stars Under Fire Over Watering

Shame, shame, shame…Shame of pools. Certain members of the Hollywood elite are being conspicuously outed for using more than their fare share of California’s most precious commodity these days. Those brilliant green lawns and lavish swimming pools, once status symbols envied by all, have now become emblems of overindulgence and entitlement. Tom Selleck is probably the most prominent culprit.…

Ant Man Review poster

ANT MAN Review: Whoops There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

It’s quite the challenge to stand out in the pantheon of Marvel superheroes–it’s becoming very crowded up there with all those super-sized egos and personas. But low and behold, the humble Ant Man makes a mighty entrance, and manages to crawl almost to the top of my superhero summit. Ant Man, as deftly played by Paul Rudd, is now second…

Marlon Brando Home for Sale

Marlon Brando Home for Sale — Many Other Stars Shined Here Too

You can’t help but wonder if the neighbors complained about some guy staggering around his yard and yelling “Stella!” night and day. After all, this Hollywood Hills estate was Marlon Brando’s first home in Los Angeles after he starred in the Broadway production “Street Car Named Desire” in New York City. Brando owned the estate from 1953-1965,…

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