ELVIS FROM OUTER SPACE Review – A Whacky Space Oddity

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Critic Staci Layne Wilson’s Elvis From Outer Space review says only Presley fanatics and B-movie mavens will have “burning love” for this one.

Elvis from Outer Space ReviewElvis has left the planet in this corny but heartfelt low-budget space oddity, Elvis From Outer Space. I mean, you’ve got to know you’re not getting 2001: A Space Odyssey with this straight to VOD flick featuring a no-name cast and no actual Presley tunes. But for fans of The King and/or B-film buffs, the title alone will probably be worth the price of admission.

Elvis Presley (George Thomas) has been living on Alpha Centauri with cartoon-character aliens since faking his death in 1977. For the most part, he’s been digging it—never growing old in suspended animation and playing nightly to a planet full of rock ’n roll enthusiasts has its perks. But then he starts to miss those he left behind, and decides to return to Earth to find them…in Las Vegas… where a high-profile Elvis impersonation contest  is happening. The CIA, and shady, Mafioso-types get involved, as they do.

There are a few mildly amusing moments in Elvis From Outer Space. Most humorous are the cheesy clips from the “Barry Live” show, which covers the contest ad infinitum and has a whacky host named, you guessed it, Barry (who is played by Barry Ratcliffe, best-known as “Hollywood’s Auctioneer”). The acting is uneven (some cast fare better than others) but the movie is shot well and the makeup and costumes are better than one might expect. You can see that some TLC (along with TCB) went into the making of Elvis From Outer Space.

Elvis enthusiasts will pick up on a couple of Easter eggs—for example, he goes by the name “John Burrows” which is an alias E.P. himself used in 1970 when he went to the White House to meet President Nixon. Also, the late Sonny West, Elvis’s real-life bodyguard, makes an appearance.

While the sci-fi comedy does have its charms, the nearly nonstop expository voiceovers get tiresome in a hurry. And worse, all this telling-not-showing does little to shed light on the many convoluted plotlines. “A little less conversation” would have served the story better.

Much as I’d like to wholeheartedly recommend Elvis From Outer Space, I can’t. It falls short because the filmmakers do not wholeheartedly embrace their kooky premise. Elvis From Outer Space tries to be serious and thought-provoking when it really shouldn’t bother. Full-on comedy would have worked better for a wide audience.

1 Hour 30 Minutes
Rated NR

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Critic Staci Layne Wilson’s Elvis From Outer Space review says only Elvis fanatics and B-movie mavens will have “burning love” for this one.



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Staci Layne Wilson

Staci Layne Wilson

Staci Layne Wilson is an accomplished writer / director / producer / film critic and the author the bestseller So L.A. - A Hollywood Memoir. Find her on StaciLayneWilson.com

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