Four Good Days Review — A Masterful Film About the Dark Depths of Addiction

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Film Critic Leah Sydney’s Four Good Days review says that the addiction drama starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis is a powerful and artistic must-see movie. 

Four Good Days reviewFour Good Days is a searing, realistic, female powerhouse drama which stars Glenn Close as Deb and Mila Kunis as her drug addicted daughter Molly. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia, who also co-wrote the script with Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winner Eli Saslow (author of the article on which the story is based) Four Good Days is a masterful film about the dark depths of drug addiction and the disastrous effects it has on the addicted and those who love them.

Molly got hooked on heroin, crack and more at age 17, when a doctor prescribed drugs to treat pain resulting from an accident. Molly got clean enough to get married and have two children, but then went back to the dark world of drugs.

Broke and alone, Molly turns up on the doorstep of the quiet suburban home owned by her esthetician mother and stepfather Chris (the always terrific Stephen Root). Smelly, semi-toothless, bedraggled, scarily thin and sporting green and blonde hair, a hot mess she is.

Deb agrees to send Molly to yet another detox facility, even though she’s tried rehab 14 times before. But insurance covers only three days of the new, doctor-recommended week-long treatment, so Molly sets out to have four more good days of treatment with only her loyal yet beleaguered mom by her side.

What’s so moving about this film is that it’s not the flashy, over the top dramatic fare we’ve previously seen on the subject. It’s the subtle moments that are so relatable and compelling. Close is her usual phenomenal actress self.  One look says a thousand words about love, anger, frustration and resentment of the havoc her daughter has wreaked.

Kunis is simply a revelation. Known more for comedies including  That 70’s Show and Family Guy, in Four Good Days she hits every gritty, raw, complicated moment right.  The authenticity of the story just adds to the appeal of the characters. Kunis more than holds her own, while Garcia’s pacing and display of these women in all their pain, anger, happiness and hopefulness, is expert filmmaking.

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Rating and opening date TBD

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Film Critic Leah Sydney’s Four Good Days review says that the addiction drama starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis is a powerful and artistic must-see movie. 

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