One of the Best Parts of Awards Season — The DPA Pre-Oscars Style Lounge

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Check out the fabulous goodies from the DPA Pre-Oscars Style Lounge and gifting suite.

Style Lounge

Pentatonix pose with Nabila K (Photo by Cecile Boko and Rose DePont

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that around the time of the Oscars and other major awards ceremonies, journalists, nominees and other fun celebrities are invited to get to know new products, fabulous vacation destinations and various charities via special events set up for that very purpose.

This year I had the most fun ever at the DPA Pre-Oscars Style Lounge at the Luxe Hotel. Not only did I try some delicious new delectables that I can munch on right here At Home in Hollywood, but I was introduced to some worthy charities, services and fabulous products. Take a look at some of the highlights:

DPA Style Lounge Beauty and Fashion

Geek Eyewear: Perfect for my super geek hubby and I, who wear glasses whenever we’re in public. I picked up a pair of bright purple frames that you will soon be seeing in a theater near you (if you live in LA and happen to be at the same screening I’m attending.

Sheer Necessity Coffee Body Scrub: Now the scrumptious-smelling Coffee Addict body scrub is truly a sheer necessity. And when lovely owner/creator Kimmie Jeppson is not appear in TV shows like The Comeback and Big Bang Theory, she’s giving back to the community. Check out her Featured Charity of the Month.

Nabila K organic bath and beauty products: Yummy, all natural soaps, bath gels, candles, stationery, perfumes and more, these soothing, all natural products are treats you can give yourself every day.

DPA Style Lounge Charities

Style Lounge

Pollyana McIntosh from ‘The Walking Dead’ with representative of The Wolf Connection (Photo by Cecile Boko and Rose DePont)

Wolf Connection: I admit, the charities are my favorite parts of these events. I loved being introduced to the Wolf Connection, a sanctuary for these regal animals where you can actually cavort with the wolves, hike and stay in their Air BnB. But beyond that, they offer wolf therapy, more for humans than the four-legged friends. Located in Acton, about an hour outside of L.A., I’m headed up there the first chance I get.

Stepping Forward L.A.: This amazing organization works with foster youth who are aging out of the foster care system. Many of the lovely hosts and hostesses who showed us through the suite were part of this amazing program. Such wonderful people! I’ve found a new cause!

DPA Style Lounge Delectables

Dreamy Creations: Two-time winners of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, these cupcakes are a revelation—especially the cream brule ones. You can have one of their brightly colored trucks at your parties, or you can order cupcakes in a jar online.

Sunny Blue: Maybe I’m behind the times, but I had yet to be introduced to the rice ball craze, which is rice wrapped in rice paper like a taco, and stuffed with savory ingredients like spicy salmon, wild mushrooms, etc. It’s the best new finger food I’ve tried in a long time! They’ll gladly cater any event, and have other Japanese fare on their menu as well.

Chipz Happen: Not only are their Himalayan pink salt tortilla chips some of the best I’ve ever tasted, but their chipotle almond “Salza” is devine. They’re straight outa San Diego.

Topo Chico Mineral Water: Their lime and grapefruit sparkling water are just what you need to cleanse the palate and get going. Great with the chipz and Salza.

Buttery Popcorn: The congenial chef who created these fabulous twists on an old classic is a genius. Try exotics like Cinnamon Toast and Chile Limon, and catch him live at Farmers Markets throughout the L.A. area.

Oasis Organic Almond Dip: With a texture that could pass for hummus and a flavor that makes you think of Salsa, this organic almond dip with chia and hemp seeds goes with any chips, and is a new must for gatherings like big game and Oscars watching parties.

Twinkle Brown Sugar: This is a tea bar located in Alhambra and Little Tokyo, serving all your exotic favorites with fresh fruit and/or boba added. Quite the delicious pick-me-up.

DPA Style Lounge Experiences

Truth in Hand: Lisa Greenfield brings you more than mere palm reading, she lets you know about your true potential and light, no matter what stage of life you happen to be in. BTW: Get ready world, my third act is just beginning!

Connect With Keao: This soothing pet psychic told me how Frankie Feldman was feeling and what he was doing, even as we were sitting at the fabulous luxe hotel. Things I learned: He feels our deep bond and loves the service work I’m preparing him for, he’s proud of the fact that he smells good, as well as the fact that he has beautiful, fluffy paws.


I found out what Frankie was doing while I was at the DPA Style Lounge




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