THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME Review — Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

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The Spy Who Dumped Me review — Nobody Does it Better Than Sam and Kate

The Spy Who Dumped Me review

The Spy Who Dumped Me review

I’d wager SNL’s Kate McKinnon is even funny in her sleep. And when you team her up with Outlander’s Sam Heughan (oh Jamie!) who is doubtless even sexy in his sleep, the plot, the co-stars (Mila who?) the score, the cinematography, are all forced to take a backseat.

McKinnon and Heughan actually have supporting roles in the comedy focusing on Audrey (Mila Kunis), whose boyfriend (Justin Theroux) dumps her via text. Little does she know he does it while on a brutal mission for the CIA. But when he unexpectedly shows up in the apartment she shares with best friend Morgan (McKinnon), and he’s being chased by a posse of professional assassins, the roommates don’t stand helplessly by crying and screeching.

Oh no—these gutsy girls jump right in the fray, their chutzpah taking them on a bumpy ride through Europe, where they meet a hunky MI6 agent played by Heughan. But can they trust him?

While there are a decent number of laugh out loud moments (most of them courtesy of McKinnon), the film suffers from uneven pacing. One minute we’re in stitches over McKinnon’s nutty physical comedy, and the next minute we’re being subject to startlingly grisly violence. The R rating is perhaps more for that than anything else, although there’s also a good quantity of expletives.

Co-writer and director Susanah Fogel, who’s only other significant film is the rom com Life Partners, also featuring McKinnon, knows how to make a girlfriend pic. It’s good to see a couple of female friends (or friends of any gender, really) who are unremittingly faithful to and supportive of each other. No jealously, angst or handsome Brits will ever come between these two.

I was far more entertained by The Spy Who Dumped Me than most of my critic colleagues, but I’m probably also a far more ardent fan of McKinnon and Heughan. Here’s hoping this launches them into bigger, better roles.

Rated R

1 Hour 56 Minutes

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 The Spy Who Dumped Me review — Nobody Does it Better Than Sam and Kate

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