Live Like a Rock Star in These 4 LA Area Homes With Recording Studios

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Take a tour of four LA area homes with recording studios that are currently on the market. Some belong to famous musicians.

by Lisa Johnson Mandell

Homes with music studios

Even if you aren’t an established rock star or world-renowned voice-over artist, the thought of wandering into the studio whenever inspiration strikes and laying down a track sounds like sweet music.

Nowadays, amateurs and professionals alike realize that if space in your home is plentiful, it can be a lot less expensive and more convenient to build an in-house studio. It sure beats renting studio space. Plus, digital recording methods have shrunk both the size and price of equipment to a fraction of what they used to be.

I confess, this topic has personal relevance, since my husband Jim is reviving his music career, we’ve been looking at homes with recording studios, and toying with the idea of adding one to our current residence.

But do tricked-out homes with recording studios have any value to someone who doesn’t happen to be in the music industry? That’s the question almost every would-be home studio owner must face before making the leap to convert unused space into a recording wonderland.

Singer-songwriter Cara Jones uncovered the answer after spending tens of thousands of dollars converting her three-car garage into a state-of-the-art recording studio. She made extensive use of her convenient space for several years before deciding to sell.


After only two weeks on the market, “we had five offers, and I don’t think any of them were really interested in the studio,” she says. “The people who ended up buying it, an older couple, said they’d probably convert it back to a garage, or maybe make part of it into a man cave.”

So does she regret building the studio?

“Not at all! We ran a successful business out of there for many years,” she says. “And we’ll build another studio as soon as we buy our next home.” Jones and her family are currently leasing a home near the beach and renting professional studios when the need arises.

The even better news, though, is that her buyers paid well above the asking price, because the home was located on a corner lot in a red-hot neighborhood. The studio didn’t help or hurt the sale.

Homes With Recording Studios

But if a studio matters to you, and you’d rather not build one from scratch, we’ve found several that are available right now and ready to use. Some of them are even owned by famous musicians! Here’s what’s available—just think of those midnight jam sessions with your besties!

Available homes with recording studios

2048 Stanley Hills Pl, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $1,595,000

Homes With Recording Studios
The score: This home belongs to Paul Simon‘s son Harper, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. It’s located in Laurel Canyon, which has been the home of countless rock legends and celebs. This gated Spanish-style compound was built in 1929 and has four bedrooms and four baths divided between a main house, a guest apartment, and a separate casita, which is currently in use as a recording studio.

Harper Simon's home recording studio

8577 Cole Crest Dr, Los Angeles, CA


Homes With Recording Studios
The score: This modern rustic home, which Nine Inch Nails‘ Atticus Ross owns, is also located in Laurel Canyon. But this place is at the very tiptop, which affords it stunning views and total privacy, since it’s very difficult to get there (Jim and I took a look at it). In addition to the fully soundproof and wired studio, it has five bedrooms within 3,350 square feet of living space. The 3,969-square-foot lot doesn’t have much of a yard, but it’s close to hiking trails and protected wilderness areas. Ross, a Grammy- and Oscar-winning musician and composer, has moved on, while the property has been on and off the market since 2016.

Atticus Ross' former home studio

22824 Leonora Dr, Woodland Hills, CA

Price: $1,429,000

Homes With Recording Studios
The Score: This San Fernando Valley home belonging to musician, songwriter, producer, and engineer Curt Cuomo—best known for his work with KISS—features two music studios, one of which is two stories!

The three-bedroom ranch home offers an ideal live-work situation. The studios are equipped with spacious control/mix rooms, a large live room, a soundproof edit room, and three iso booths. Most of the space was designed, wired, and grounded by studio specalist Art Kelm.

One of the many rooms in Curt Cuomo's home studios

5640 Mammoth Ave, Valley Glen, CA

Price: $929,900

Homes With Recording Studios
The score: This professional-quality recording studio—known as “Cave”—comes with an updated ranch home belonging to drummer Ryan Hoyle. A member of Collective Soul, Hoyle has recorded TV themes, and played on albums for Carrie UnderwoodPet Shop Boys, and Alice Cooper. Located on a gated lot in the San Fernando Valley, the house has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. The studio is soundproof (which the neighbors surely appreciate), has a huge tracking room with vaulted ceiling, control and reception rooms, and special accommodations for drums.

Drummer Ryan Hoyle's home recording studio

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Live Like a Rock Star in These 4 LA Area Homes With Recording Studios

by Lisa Johnson Mandell

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