Now You Can Create Your Own Private Island Near Your Beach of Choice

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Build Create Your Own Private Island

A rendering of a private island planned for Dubai

Oh, those clever Dutch! Taking inspiration from their own water-logged terrain, they’ve figured out a way to construct the ultimate in luxury real estate–your own private island, made from scratch. I kid you not. It’s just been announced that Christie’s International Real Estate  and a floating development company called Dutch Docklands are collaborating on self-sufficient, eco-friendly, buoyant islands in chic locations all over the world.

Build Create Your Own Private Island

A private island being constructed in the Maldives

Don’t believe it? Well, a quick trip to the Maldives will reveal the first, branded with the name ‘Amillarah,’ which literally is Maldivian for ‘private island.’ “In addition to our Maldivian project, we have new developments signed in Dubai and Miami, and are actively looking for opportunities worldwide, ” says Paul van de Camp, CEO of Dutch Docklands.

Celebrity Private Islands Miami

This one one is planned for a lake development in Miami

Judging by the renderings, these islands, residence included, seem totally swank. “Each of these homes is an eco-friendly work of art that can be lived in, allowing consumers to not only create, but enjoy whatever kind of paradise they desire,” added Rick Moeser, Senior Vice President, Christie’s International Real Estate.

Celebrity Private Islands Miami

This private island, also planned for Miami, is perfect for the celebrity who wants to cruise around the Keys.

I can see these islands as the ultimate way to extend coveted Malibu real estate, or simply add more prestige property to the portfolio that has everything. I mean, just think — Larry Ellison could add one to his island collection that already includes Lanai, anchor it off Billionaire Beach, and be one beach house closer to a Monopoly there.

But he’s not the only celeb I can see jumping at the chance to create and own his or her own private island. Here are half a dozen I’m thinking would be interested:

Tom Cruise: He’d be able to entertain members of Scientology’s Sea Org, and they’d feel right at home.

Bruno Mars: This would make him less homesick for his island house in Hawaii.

Eddie Van Halen: Born in the Netherlands, this would help him get back to his roots.

Justin BieberNever too popular with his neighbors because of his raucous ways, his own private island would give him all the isolation he needs.

Jason Momoa: The Game of Thrones star is playing Aqua Man on the big screen, and it would be the ultimate branding opportunity.

Celebrity Private Islands Dubai

Terrain can be varied, as it is in this rendering of a project planned for Dubai.

Celebrity Private Island Maldives

This private island in the Maldives is actually quite lush

Celebrity Private Island Miami

Modern architecture fits right in on this private island planned for Miami

Celebrity Private Islands Miami

Home sweet private island, Miami

Build Create Your Own Private Island

Hard to believe a home like this can be built on a man-made private island



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