Barbara sinatra beach house

Pay to Play in the Barabara Sinatra Beach House — Only $110,000 per Month

In some markets, monthly rent on the Barbara Sinatra beach house would buy you a condo outright   Malibu is known as a place for beach rentals, but it's never been known as a spot for bargain beach rentals. Espcially during the sunny summer months, when rent prices tend to heat up even more. Still, it's a bit of a jolt to hear that this spread that's part of the Barbara Sinatra estate has a...

UnREAL Moves to Hulu for Its Final Season and is Available NOW!

Barbara sinatra beach house

Pay to Play in the Barabara Sinatra Beach House — Only $110,000 per Month

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Cue the Piano and Strings! The DOWNTON ABBEY MOVIE is ON!


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This is UnREAL — Final Season is Out Now On Hulu

Guess what we'll be watching in the gym as we workout here at Chez Mandell today? That's right, we're starting on the final season of...

Attention DOWNTON ABBEY Fans! You’re About to Get a Fabulous Fix!

Woo Hoo! Production has been officially announced on a Downton Abbey movie, with many members of the original cast coming back. That's according to Focus Features,...

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