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Celebrity Hot Spot — CAVU

Celebrity Hot Spot -- CAVU

Forget about all those $50-$75 million mansions in Beverly Hills–we’ve found one with all the most coveted luxury amenities and then some, for a mere $12,500,000! And with traffic in L.A. what it is these days, you could easily commute to the studios in Burbank or the tech nuclei in Silicon Beach in about the same amount of time. The stunning CAVU estate (named for the aeronautical term Clear Above View Unlimitted) is nestled against the mountains just southwest of Las Vegas, but it’s less than 15 minutes from the airport and the Strip.

MAGIC MIKE XXL Review — Stripped Down to the Bare Essentials

Magic Mike XXL ReviewThis “Hunks on Parade” sequel never claims to be any more than exactly what it is: a huge, glossy jar of eye candy for the ladies, and for some gents as well. Music, muscles and musk–absolutely perfect for a bawdy girls’ night out.

This time around the stripper pole we find our manly meat puppets mostly out of work and at odds. It’s three years since the first Magic Mike, and the emcee, played in the original by Matthew McConaughey, has flown the coop. Although his role in the first film was critically acclaimed, you can hardly expect an Academy Award winner to return as a supporting cast member in a film about male exotic dancing.

Calvin Klein Buys Big in the Bird Streets: Let’s Go Inside!

Calvin Klein Buys Big in the Bird Streets

Leave it to a clothing designer to exhibit exquisite taste in real estate and architecture. Calvin Klein has just scooped up a prominent spec home in L.A.’s famous Bird Streets, and paid a cool $25 million for the privilege. He won’t be purchasing any of the furniture or accessories the house was staged with, however. According to The Wall Street Journal, he selected a brand new, contemporary home because it’s a “blank canvas” he can do with as he pleases. And you can bet that fabulous furnishings in intriguing combinations will please him very much, thank you. We can’t wait to see the spread in Architectural Digest.

TED 2 Review — Just Bearable

ted 2 Review posterThe original Ted, about a teddy bear coming to life and adopting the more raucous personality traits of his owner, was outrageous and uproariously funny. Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg teamed up to produce some unforgettable comedic scenes, including a brawl in which Ted actually kicked some bad boy booty. It’s hard to top a scene like that, and I was hoping for something equally hilarious. Sad to say they didn’t deliver in Ted 2, but the sequel does have its moments.

If These Walls Could Sing: Phil Collins Buys J-Lo’s Former Beachside Estate

Phil Collins Buys J-Lo's Former Beachside Estate

I usually stick to fabulous homes in the Southern California area here on AtHomeInHollywood.com, but when Phil Collins buys a spectacular estate that used to belong to Jennifer Lopez, I’ll make an exception. This one is in the Miami area, with 200 feet of Biscayne Bay frontage and unrivaled Miami skyline views. The former Genesis drummer and front man picked up the seven-bedroom, eight full baths and three half-baths estate for a record $33 million. Collins has a home in New York, but spends quite a bit of time in Florida, where his two sons live.

Summertime Hollywood Hair: Beachy Waves

gisele-Bundchen Beachy Waves

No, that’s not me with those gorgeous beachy waves. It’s Gisele Bundchen–but I can understand how you would make the mistake.

By Lisa Johnson Mandell

You’ll hardly ever see me thrilled about the hottest hairstyle in Hollywood, but I think the beachy waves trend is the best thing to happen to your head since the invention of the ponytail. I love the fact that your hair is supposed to look messy! It’s hard to find a celeb who hasn’t done a beachy waves look on the red carpet lately, from Blake Lively to Chrissy Tiegen to all the Jennifers: Aniston, Garner, Lawrence, Lopez, Love Hewitt, etc. And the beautiful Blythe Danner proves that beach waves are even fab when you’re 70+.

MAX Review — We Love a Good Dog Tale

Max ReviewKids, military service dogs and Marines. How can you criticize a combo like that? You know exactly what to expect when you buy your tickets to see Max — tears flowing from start to finish — even through the credits, which run along side photos of military hero dogs through the decades.

Max is a Belgian Malinois that has been trained as a military scout, and is serving in Afghanistan. Eventually he comes home, and his adjustment is not easy. I don’t want to tell you too much about the plot, because there’s a scene at the beginning that is absolutely devastating, and the less you know about it, the better. The film does poignantly show that dogs suffer from grief and PTSD too, and it’s no less heartbreaking because they’re animals.

Corbin Bernsen Flips His Own Extreme Drought Resistant Home…Or Not


Corbin Bernsen Flips

There’s water wise, and then there’s water wistful. I’m afraid Corbin Bernsen and his designer wife Amanda Pays have achieved the latter on their own personal residence in my beloved Valley Village. Could that be why the property has been going on and off the market of late? As you may or may not know, the couple has achieved quite a bit of deserved fame for tastefully rehabbing and flipping homes in the Studio City/Valley Village/Toluca Lake area. But I think the brand new landscaping on their own place is a rare miss.

Five TV Highs to Ease ‘Game of Thrones’ Withdrawal

By James MandellWhat to Watch Post Thrones silicon valley

Ever since cable execs figured out that summer re-run season was the perfect time to launch original programming, the corporate game o’ thrones has breathed new fire into June TV. And with AMC, Netflix and Amazon following HBO and Showtime’s lead, the bar’s been raised with entertaining, high-quality choices. Here are five titles, all available for streaming, one way or another.

Happy: Pharrell Buys Home In Laurel Canyon

Pharrell Buys House in Laurel Canyon

I wonder if Pharrell will be wandering over to Jared Leto’s former Air Force base to borrow a cup of sugar? They’ve both recently purchased homes in the famed Laurel Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills, although Pharrell’s is set considerably higher on the ridge. As a matter of fact, the property, designed by architect Hagy Belzbert, is so far up it’s known as the “Skyline Residence.” Pharrell is reported to have paid $7.14 million for the lofty compound that was listed in January at $8.995 million.

Pharrell Buys House in Laurel Canyon