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second best exotic marigold hotel reviewWarm, fuzzy, colorful and comfortable, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is much like your favorite pashmina–the one that makes you feel happy every time you wear it. On this return visit, all your favorite characters are still staying at the original inn, and it’s so successful that the loquacious Sonny, played by Dev Patel, is attempting to attract investors for a second branch.

Oddly enough, Richard Gere makes a guest appearance, which adds some interest, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. He hardly fits in with the rest of the residents, and he forms a romantic attachment to the most unlikely of characters– it’s difficult to find the chemistry or motivation. At least he’s fun to watch. Tamsin Grieg from Showtime’s Episodes also checks in, but her stay is minimal.

Dakota Johnson and Her Dad Don Won’t be Bonding at the Beach Much Longer

Dakota Johnson and her dad Don 's estate

When Anastasia Steele needs a little space from Christian Grey, or, in the real world, when Dakota Johnson needs to get away from the steaming, screaming media circus that has surrounded her ever since she stole the show in Fifty Shades of Grey, respite could be just a quick drive up the coast to her daddy Don Johnson’s super fab beach estate in Montecito. But Dakota Johnson and her dad Don won’t be bonding there much longer, as he recently put his 11,229 foot spread on the market for nearly $15 million.


Chappie reviewSome people will go see Chappie because it’s directed by Neill Blomkamp, the formerly fresh but gritty South African genius behind the wildly original sci-fi thriller District 9. Some people will go see Chappie because it stars favorites Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel and Sharlto Copley. Some people will be disappointed because no one in the film gets the chance to deliver what they’re capable of…not even the robots.

Faye Dunaway Sold Her Humble Home — Finally

Faye Dunaway Sold Her Humble Home

At last we can report that Faye Dunaway sold her quaint little Hollywood duplex. Neighbors will miss her coming and going, as she’s been a fixture in the neighborhood for more than 15 years. But the property is not what you’d expect of an Oscar and Emmy winner. She paid $315,000 for the humble duplex at 901 N. Spaulding, which is located in quite the densely populated area of West Hollywood — no sprawling estates here. Dunaway’s residences were built in 1925 on a 5,730 square foot lot.

Focus Movie Review

focus poster movie reviewSlick, smooth, stylish and steamy. Is Focus a great work of cinematic art? No — of course not. This is February, for heaven’s sake, and very little of any artistic merit is released this time of year. But is Focus a hot diversion on a cold winter’s night? Absolutely!

Oscar Swag Standouts

Oscar Swag

Naomi Grossman, who played pinhead Pepper on ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show,’ enjoys Jonathan haircare products.

So here I am, right before the Oscars, in GBK’s fabulous gifting suite and surrounded by hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of amazing Oscar swag as well as top Hollywood glitterati, and all I can focus on is actress Naomi Grossman, who played the pinhead Pepper on American Horror Story: Freak Show. Having shaved her head of all but a little top knot for the series, it was fascinating to see what she looks like with a little cap of newly grown hair and in a sophisticated ensemble rather than in her character’s signature baggy nightgown. Call me vacuous or easily distracted, but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by her.

Black and White and Red All Over – Oscar Fashion 2015

Patricia Arquette Getty

By Staci Layne Wilson

The rain-soaked red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony may have been saturated… but not with color. Monochrome was all the rage – it was as if Dice, Dalmatians, and Oreo cookies were the inspiration for every fashionista and stylist from here to Hollywood Boulevard. Fifty Shades of Grey notwithstanding, B&W has been a red-hot trend for a few months now, and dominated Oscar fashion 2015.

Fabulous Finds at the Oscar Secret Room Luxury Lounge

Secret Room Oscars Style Lounge Swag Gift Bags Academy Awards

Have you ever wondered how stars (and non-stars like myself) can schlep home hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of swag from events like the Secret Room Events Beauty Bar and Luxury Lounge? Do we back up a U-Haul to the W Hotel and crate it out on a dolly? Perhaps line up an Uber fleet and caravan it all hone? Nah — you’ve probably already figured out the answer. Many of the most valuable items come in the form of gift certificates.

Will A-Rod Sell the Home He Bought From Meryl Streep Now That He’s Back Playing for the Yankees?

Great Room: Will A-Rod sell the house he bought from Meryl Streep?


Editor’s Note: A-Rod’s suspension from baseball is over, he’s apologized yet again, and he’s joining the Yankees at their spring training facility in Tampa. But the big question from my perspective is, “Will A-Rod sell the gorgeous, historic, L.A. home he bought from Meryl Streep back in August?” Since he has three years and $61 million remaining on his contract, he hardly needs the cash. And it could be the perfect off-season or retirement pied a terre. Find out more about the troubled baseball star’s incredibly good taste in the feature below, written shortly after he made the purchase:

Maps to the Stars Movie Review

Maps to the Stars posterIf the title alone of Maps to the Stars didn’t intrigue us here at At Home In Hollywood, where we cover all things celebrity home oriented, the glittering cast certainly did. After all, it features the recently Oscar anointed Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska, to name just a few. When the film began with a montage of Beverly Hills’ most prominent and notorious street signs, I thought I was in for a real treat…until this David Cronenberg directed effort devolved into a shamelessly dark and disturbing exploration of the fictional stars’ interiors that had nothing to do with maps to the stars homes at all.