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ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Review — An Unflattering Reflection

Alice through the looking glass reviewAlice Through the Looking Glass starts out with one of the best, most riveting pirate ship chases I’ve ever seen, promising Alice (Mia Wasikowska) as a kickass heroine on a first rate adventure. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t keep that promise.

Don Cheadle Lists in Venice After His Wife, Bridgid Coulter, Does Exquisite Remodel

Don Cheadle Lists in Venice

Don Cheadle Lists in Venice After His Wife, Bridgid Coulter, Does Exquisite Remodel

by Lisa Johnson Mandell

Don Cheadle’s House of Lies character Marty Kaan may be throwing shade on his baby mama’s interest in buying a home in Venice, but in real life, he’d be over the moon if he could find a buyer like Jeanie Van der Hooven for his completely redone Venice beach house. He recently put the 2,400 home on the market for a relatively reasonable $2,450,000.

THE NICE GUYS Review — Boogie, Booze, Broads, Brilliance

nice guys reviewNice Guys Review

by Lisa Johnson Mandell

Even if you didn’t grow up in the ’70’s, you’ll love this retro cop comedy starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. And if you did grow up in the ’70’s? You’ll love it even more. The music, the clothes, the cars, the hair, the banter — even the wallpaper — will take you back to those balmy boogie nights of your youth and make you want to grab your hair pick and head to the disco.

The Queen of Versailles Speaks; Her Subjects are Captivated

Jackie Siegel the Queen of Versaile

One of the most remarkable real estate stories of the last five years is told in the jaw dropping documentary, The Queen of Versailles, which tells the tale of Jackie and David Siegel, who set out to build the country’s largest private residence, near Orlando, Florida. But before the filming was done, the couple was detoured from realizing their dreams by a reversal in fortune caused by the recent financial crash.

MONEY MONSTER Review — A Great Investment

Money Monster ReviewMoney Monster is my kind of movie — talented, proven actors, lofty subject, twisty script and tight direction. But while I immensely enjoyed the film, and think you will too, the one element I anticipated would be its biggest asset turned out to be it’s biggest disappointment. George Clooney, one of my all time favorites, simply does not deliver.

You Could Buy the Former Whoopi Goldberg Estate for $1.00!

Whoopi Goldberg Estate Deer Lodge Santa Barbara

Well, chances are slim to none, but technically, it could be done. The absolutely gorgeous, $14 million Santa Ynez Valley estate is being auctioned off later this month, and there is no reserve, which means that all bids, no matter how low, could be considered. But something tells us the former Whoopi Goldberg estate, also owned by the John Deere family and an early Ford Motor investor, will go for a lot more than the prior asking price.

CAPTAIN AMERICA – CIVIL WAR Review — One of Marvel’s Best and Brightest

Captain America - Civil War ReviewOne of my biggest concerns about superhero movies is that the main characters zip around, crashing and bashing bad guys, and leave a trail of collateral damage and decimated cities in their wake. No one seems to address that…until now. In fact, taking responsibility for the casualties is the very essence of Captain America – Civil War, and the humanity in that is what makes this film one of the best Marvel Comic movies yet.

Will This Provocative, Steamy Video Sell a Sexy Modern Manse?

There is no doubt that this Hollywood Hills luxury home is being promoted by the steamiest, sexiest, most controversial video yet. Viewers can’t seem to look away from the piece, entitled Happy Anniversary at 1709 Rising Glen. In fact, the two-and-a-half minute video, featuring a gorgeous home, a naked shower scene and a controversial kiss, is rapidly going viral. But will it sell?

Love and Friendship Review — Whit Stillman at His Wittiest

Love and Friendship reviewWho but the most faithful of Jane Austen groupies knew that the historic British social commentator had written an edgy (for the period and author), unfinished novel called “Lady Susan.” Apparently writer/director Whit Stallman did, and it’s the absolute perfect vehicle for his class conscious wit. The only question is, why hasn’t he tackled Jane Austen before? Love and Friendship has to be one of the best adaptations of her work yet, and is perhaps Stillman’s best film up to to his point as well.