Carrie Keagan and Jack Bennett on the set of Fetish Factory

Zombies + Burlesque = FETISH FACTORY From Our Very Own Staci Layne Wilson

Staci Layne Wilson fills you in on how she cooked up the fabulous Fetish Factory right here at home in Hollywood.   Recipe for one sexy, scary movie: Ingredients:  Zombie Makeup Killer Cast Spooky House  Add the writer, director, producers and financiers, then blend until smooth. Pour into Amazon Prime and enjoy. Cabaret of the…


Top Ten Movies of 2015 — Staci Layne Wilson

By Staci Layne Wilson When you see as many movies as I do a year – or even per week – it’s nearly impossible to make a Top Ten Movies list. I mean, how can you pit Inside Out against The Hateful 8? Is it fair to compare Amy to Carol? Can’t be done. My criteria…


THE DISASTER ARTIST Review — It's a Hit With Staci

The Disaster Artist Review by Staci Layne Wilson (@StaciWilson) The Disaster Artist is about aspiring filmmaker Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and his much-younger best friend Greg Sestero (Dave Franco), who dream of achieving Hollywood stardom. Financed with $6 million of his own money, Wiseau writes, directs and stars in The Room, a much-maligned flop that has become…

Venom Review

VENOM Review — The Superhero Movie Antidote

Venom Review — Staci Layne Wilson says there’s a reason for the top-tier cast. It’s actually fun! Even though I have seen many, many superhero movies in my time as a film critic, they never have really grown on me. So when I was tasked with seeing Venom, the origin story of one of Marvel’s…

Castle Rock Review

Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK Review – Get Caught Dead Watching It

Staci Layne Wilson’s Castle Rock review says the J.J. Abrams-produced Stephen King series on Hulu is off to a smooth and scary start Castle Rock is not a very nice place to live. Or die, for that matter. In the opening moments of this scary new series based on Stephen King’s stories (all of them!),…

Woman Walks Ahead

WOMAN WALKS AHEAD Review – Does it Paint an Accurate Picture of an Artist?

In her Woman Walks Ahead review, Staci Layne Wilson asks about artistic license By anyone’s account, Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain) was a badass and deserves her place in America’s Old West history. At a time when women were considered just a notch above chattel, Catherine was a renowned artist, a free spirit and an outspoken…


HEREDITARY Review — The Devil May Care, But Should You?

HEREDITARY Review by Staci Layne Wilson Have you ever wondered: What if Wes Anderson had directed Rosemary’s Baby? If so, I’ve got just the flick for you. If not, then it’s probably best you avoid Hereditary. Hereditary is quirky, strange and slow (Anderson) with just a smidgen of Satanism (Rosemary) which puts it in a precarious…

Deadpool 2 Poster

DEADPOOL 2 Review – Most Welcome Homicidal Hilarity

DEADPOOL 2 Review by Staci Layne Wilson He’s lewd, crude, and… kinda sweet. Yes, the indestructible superhero Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is back for sloppy seconds in Part 2 of a franchise that’s as likely to be as long-lived as its namesake. When the first Deadpool movie came out in 2016, it was a revelation and…


TULLY Review – Charlize Theron Plays Against Type & Scores Again

TULLY Review by Staci Layne Wilson Everyone knows Charlize Theron is more than just a fabulous face and a bodacious body—her Oscar for playing a serial killer in Monster proved that years ago—but you may not have thought of her as the go-to gal for comedy. While she did team up with director Jason Reitman…



Come Around Here and See the Former Tom Petty Home That’s Been Remarkably Renovated You don’t have to live like a refugee in the house rock legend Tom Petty built in the Encino hills. In fact, the house, once plagued by fire, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, tenants from hell, and a SWAT team invasion, has been stunningly renovated. A lucky buyer can now…

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