Valentine Red — Celebrity Color Expert Jill Kirsh Reveals Which Hue is Right for You

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The Perfect Valentine Red — Hollywood’s Guru of Hue Jill Kirsh and A-List celebs show you your true colors 

The right red for you

Valentine Red. Admit it, you’ll be wearing it this month, even if you’re not observing Feb. 14th or trying to shine on the red carpet. But caution, my dears. The wrong red for your coloring can make you look like an overripe tomato or a droopy bag of AB positive. Thank heavens we have Jill Kirsh in our midst, the woman who is known worldwide as Hollywood’s Guru of Hue. She says that anyone can wear red, it’s all a matter of the right red for you.

“So how do I determine the right Valentine red?” you may ask. “Can I even wear red at all?” you might wonder if you have auburn hair or are extremely pale. Kirsh has very strong opinions on that topic. “Anyone can wear almost any color,” she emphasizes. “It’s all about the right hue for you.”  And determining the right red for you is easier than you may think.

Jill has come up with a wildly popular color system that boils it all down to a concept anyone can understand.  First you have to say goodbye to the tired old seasons system — it is SO last century! Jill’s unique system bases everything on your current hair color. “The hair frames the face,” she declares, and you realize it’s true. We are often identified by our hair color. “She’s a tall blonde.” “She’s a fiery redhead.” It may be stereotypical, but there’s a reason for that. Hair color is one of our most prominent features.

Jill divides us all into four color categories: Golden Browns and Redheads, Warm Blondes, Deep Brunettes, Ash Blondes, Platinums and Grays. She says anyone can wear just about any color, you just have to wear the right shade that complements your hair. I for one am grateful for this new, simple guide. All that mixing of skin tones and eye color and hair color to come up with my season seemed so very subjective and confusing to me.

To give you a better idea of the right red for you and to save you from a dire fashion faux pas, Jill has analyzed a prominent celebrity in each category and revealed which shade of red looks best on her.

Julianne MooreOrange RedJulianne Moore, Golden Browns and Redheads – Orange Red
Think redheads can’t rock red? Think again! An orangey red lip totally compliments the flaming tresses of Julianne Moore. In addition to it being her go-to red for lips and nail color, it’s her perfect hue for fashion.

Valentine RedTrue RedOctavia Spencer, Deep Brunettes – True Red 
Raven haired Octavia Spencer looks amazing in a true, clear red. The boldness and clarity of this shade, in both fashion and makeup, against her satiny skin and cool brunette hair creates a dramatic and striking image.

Helen MirrenRose_RedHelen Mirren, Ash Blondes, Platinums and Grays –  Rose Red
Helen Mirren’s cool silver locks allow her to look sexy and sensational in a rose-tinted red. The blue undertones of this red, for fashion and makeup, totally work with the coolness of her hair color and allow her to rule the Red Carpet.

Valentine RedPoppyReese Witherspoon, Warm Blondes – Tomato Red
Warm blonde Reese Witherspoon is fabulous in tomato red, for both clothes and makeup. This bold yet warm shade compliments her flaxen hair and makes a statement without overpowering her.

You don’t need to be an A-List celebrity, however to get Jill’s color coaching and advice. On her website,, (note there’s no ‘c’ in Kirsh) you’ll find fabulous information.

Then go shopping on Amazon for the fabulous swatch book that coordinates with your hair color (I never go shopping without mine), make-up and scarves, all in the right hues for you. Even if you just find the perfect red lipstick, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

The Perfect Valentine Red — Color expert Jill Kirsh and A-List celebs show you your true colors

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Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell

Lisa Johnson Mandell is an award winning journalist, author and film/TV critic. She can be heard regularly on Cumulus radio stations throughout the US, and on BBC Radio.

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