Most Expensive Home Ever Being Built in Bel Air

Most Expensive Home Ever Being Built in Bel Air

If you thought the $195 million asking price for Beverly Hills’ 53,000 square foot Palazzo di Amore was outrageous, wait until you hear about film producer/developer Nile Niami’s latest spec home in Bel Air. He’s broken ground on a compound that will include a 74,000 square foot main residence plus three smaller homes for a total that will exceed 100,000 square feet, and he plans to ask a whopping $500 million for it when it’s complete. And yes, if he gets his asking price, it will be a record–a world record. A $221 million London penthouse purchased in 2011 currently holds top honors.

ALOHA Movie Review: Awkward

Aloha movie review posterSometimes I like to hit a movie cold, without doing any prior research, the way most viewers see it. I want to form my own opinions without being influenced by anyone else. So when esteemed director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire) stood up before the gathering  of journalists and critics at a media screening (something directors NEVER do), and invited us to take Aloha as his love letter to Hawaii, no matter what we’d heard about the film, I thought, “uh oh — here comes trouble.” Also, the fact that they announced that reviews were embargoed until the day before opening did nothing to build my confidence. That often indicates studios are trying to get a film out before critics give it an inevitable thrashing.

Hottest Luxury Real Estate Trend: Creating Celebrity Private Islands

Celebrity Private Islands -- Dubai

This is a rendering of a celebrity private island planned for Dubai.

Oh, those clever Dutch! Taking inspiration from their own water-logged terrain, they’ve figured out a way to construct the ultimate in luxury real estate–your own private island, made from scratch. I kid you not. It’s just been announced that Christie’s International Real Estate  and a floating development company called Dutch Docklands are collaborating on self-sufficient, eco-friendly, buoyant islands in chic locations all over the world.

SAN ANDREAS Movie Review — the Fault is Not in the Stars

San Andreas movie reviewThe one feel good takeaway I got from seeing my hometown reduced to rubble is that at least I don’t live in downtown Los Angeles, where skyscrapers can tumble and fires can burn whatever’s left. I live on the other side of Mulholland, in a nice, bucolic neighborhood where neighbors lend a hand, rather than trip over you in their efforts to flee. If it weren’t for that, San Andreas would have scared the H-E-double toothpicks out of me, and I’d be calling my realtor post haste.

Dishing on Design on The Craig and Robbie Hour

I just love me some Craig Olsen and Robbie Laughlin, hosts of the tres fabulous and colorful Craig and Robbie Hour. They got me to reveal all sorts of very personal, deep dark secrets I hadn’t thought about in years when I guested on their Global Voice Broadcasing network show, even though I was there to talk about and celebrity real estate.

Oh sure we spoke of J-Lo’s home with the gorgeous bathroom, and Patrick Dempsey’s Malibu beach home that has a guest house made from a gleaming stainless steel Airstream trailer. We dished on Stevie Wonder’s favorite colored room and Max Azria’s lavish Holmby Hills mansion. Then there was a discussion of the elegant Hancock Park properties belonging to Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas and Patti LaBelle.

Tomorrowland Movie Review — Here Today…

Tomorrowland movie reviewBy Lisa Johnson Mandell

First and foremost, you need to understand that Tomorrowland is NOT a George Clooney movie. The handsome superstar appears for a few brief moments at the beginning, and then it goes for very loooooooong stretches without him. Tomorrowland IS a kids’ movie, and not Disney’s best effort. This is essential information when you’re making your movie going decisions.

Being At Home In Hollywood Means Movie Magic Knocking on Your Door

At Home In Hollywood, Andy Samberg movie

This is the scene I woke up to recently. Seems our entire neighborhood was turned into a set for Andy Samberg’s latest film.

Lonely Island Movie posterIf you’ve ever spent any time at home in Hollywood, or the Los Angeles area in general, you’ve doubtless run across a production crew shooting a movie/commercial/television episode. You can’t mistake them — huge production trucks, noisy generators, rows of port-a-potties, dressing room trailers, screens and camera paraphernalia, dollies, carts, card tables and people — sometimes hundreds of people — including crew, stars and background talent. You can’t help but be a little thrilled and a little curious when a showbiz circus like this unfolds practically on your front lawn.

Channing Tatum Buys a Home That’s Not XXL

Channing Tatum Buys

I’m always impressed when an A-list actor exercises a little restraint in his or her star-studded life. Such is the case the Foxcatching Magic Mike, otherwise known as Channing Tatum, and his wife, actor/dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Although they could doubtless afford something in the eight-figure range, they’ve settled into an immaculate Beverly Hills Cape Cod, for which they paid a modest-by-Hollywood standards $6 million. While his latest movie may have XXL in the title, the title on the home didn’t come at an XXL price.

MAD MAX FURY ROAD Review: Action to the Max

Mad Max Fury Road reviewBy Staci Layne Wilson

When you look at the title of this 34-years-after-the-first reboot — Mad Max: Fury Road – you know exactly what you’re getting. Lots of Max and a road that’s as fast as it is furious. As our titular hero zips across a post-apocalyptic Australian Outback in a contraption filled with females, it’s breakneck to say the least.

Directed by George Miller, who made his bones with the first Mad Max film (there were three altogether), and who later helmed Babe: Pig in the City and Happy Feet, Mad Max: Fury Road is a two-hour, manic moving target, never once slowing down to let the engines cool.

Miley Cyrus Buys a Homey Equestrian Estate

Miley Cyrus Buys

The posh community of Hidden Hills just got one celebrity richer, as twirking pop-singer/actress Miley Cyrus just paid $5 million for a five-acre equestrian and vineyard property with a 6,500 square foot ranch-style house. While it’s certainly not the fanciest place in the neighborhood where numerous Kardashians and J-Lo reside, it is one of the largest parcels in an exclusive wooded community just north of Los Angeles.