Cate Blanchett Selling in Sydney — Plans Move to L.A.

Cate Blanchett selling Bulwarra

It looks like two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett and her husband Andrew Upton, a playwright/director of vast acclaim, are putting their historical estate south of Sydney on the market, with the intention of pulling up stakes in Australia and moving to climatically similar Los Angeles. They’ve just listed “Bulwarra,” which was originally constructed in 1877, for AUS $20,000,000, which translates to about US $14,735,000.

Check Out Irish Fashion Icons Lainey Keogh and Louise Kennedy

Lainey Keogh

When you think of superstar European designers, the first names that come to mind are probably Italian, French or perhaps English. All that’s about to change. You are about to have your fashion worlds rocked by a couple of fabulous ladies from…Ireland, if you can believe it. Lainey Keogh and Louise Kennedy are such well established and insanely talented designers that they’ve been featured on Irish stamps!

Cook in Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen — for a Mere $8.495 Million

Cook in Wolfgang Puck's Kitchen

Cook in Wolfgang Puck's KitchenThink of the inspiration! Think of the history! Think of the outrageous dinner parties you could throw when you cook in Wolgang Puck’s kitchen. Now you have the rare opportunity to do just that every night of the week, as Puck’s Mediterranean Revival style home in the Beverly Hills flats is on the market for $8.495 million. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not the rest of the home, in addition to the kitchen, merits that amount of cheddar.

Warby Parker Saves Frankie Feldman’s Bacon — AGAIN!

Warby Parker Saves Frankie Feldman

Although Warby Parker doesn’t sell glasses for dogs…yet…their customer service consistently gets Hollywood Hound Frankie Feldman off the hook.

Oops! He did it again! It seems like just a few months ago that my Australian Labradoodle Frankie Feldman decided to use my gorgeous new Watts Blue Saphire glasses from Warby Parker as a chew toy. But yesterday, in a fit of puppy pique, he laid waste to my gorgeous Warby Parker prescription sunglasses. I loved those damn sunglasses. I loved that they only cost me $150, frames, lenses and all. I didn’t love Frankie Feldman at that particular moment.

AMERICAN ULTRA Review: Not Your Basic Stoner Movie

American Ultra ReviewPreviously, I’d found that watching a “stoner” movie is a lot like watching people smoke pot. The ones actually partaking are having a great time, and the rest of us feel left out, bored and annoyed without understanding what’s so funny, intriguing and/or profound. And never having inhaled myself, I especially don’t get the entertainment value. So my expectations were low for American Ultra. Perhaps that’s why I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Tour Some of the World’s Most Amazing Garages

Amazing Garages Texas 1

We may think we have a love affair with our cars going on here in Los Angeles, but, judging from the photos of the amazing garages Christie’s International Real Estate recently showed me, we’ve got nothing on some other parts of the USA and beyond. Christie’s is even repping a home with a killer car compound in Vienna! And if you think these garages are spectacular, just wait until you see the homes attached! Now you’d expect that they’d have amazing prices to go with them, and some do, but there’s one in the Sunshine State that is actually downright reasonable, from a 2% perspective. Even if you’re not really a car person, you will enjoy ogling some of these awesome automobile accommodations.

SINISTER 2 Review — Sinister Too?

sinister 2 reviewBy Staci Layne Wilson

The first Sinister movie was released in 2012 and it was a sleeper hit. Starring Ethan Hawke as an investigative reporter who moves into a haunted house, the flick introduced a brand new bogeyman. Buhguul, an ancient entity also known as the Eater of Children, would possess the soul of the youngest child in a family shortly before they were all killed in the most gruesome and terrifying ways imaginable. What’s more, it was all caught on tape; like snuff films from The Beyond.

Celebrity Rental News: Guess Who’s Letting Out This Batman Bedroom

Celebrity Rental News Adrienne Maloof 4

Oh yeah! For a mere $150,000 per month, you too can sleep in this slick Batman bedroom, and have your fun in dozens of other fancy schmancy rooms in former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof’s elaborate estate located in the canyon smack dab between Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks. But if that one doesn’t suit your fancy, you could also rent chez Sean Hayes in Hancock Park, or a killer Malibu beach house belonging to Italian movie producer Gianni Nunnari.


The Man from UNCLE ReviewIf you’re old enough to have been cognizant in the ’60’s, you can probably remember whether you were on Team Illya Kuryakin or Team Napoleon Solo. Now, with the release of The Man From UNCLE, a whole new generation gets to take sides. As for me, although I used to watch the show between the bars of my crib, I was Team Ilya back then and I’m still Ilya now, thanks to the dashing Armie Hammer.

Only in West Hollywood: The Wehoans Tease Traffic Closures

The only thing that makes we who are At Home In Hollywood more irate than a traffic jamming Obama visit, is a construction closure of a busy and highly popular street. Heaven forbid we be even more inconvenienced than we already are on our raucous roads. Many Angelenos are absolutely outraged that starting Monday, August 17th and going through the middle of September, La Cienega between Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood is closing down in order to further develop the massive Sunset/La Cienega project.

Only in West Hollywood: The Wehoans Tease Traffic Closures