KEANU Review — The Latest from Key and Peele is Totally Pawsome

Keanu reviewYou take one of today’s funniest comedy duos and team them up with an adorable kitten, and you have the makings of a film that could be even more popular than cat videos on YouTube. But does Keanu live up to the hype and expectations? I’m delighted and surprised to tell you that it exceeds them!

A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING Review — Tom Hanks Makes the Movie

Hologram for the King reviewI’ll never forget finishing Dave Eggers’ much celebrated novel A Hologram for the King and thinking, “Well THAT was six hours of my life I’ll never get back.” I found it desultory, dull and desperate. So I was surprised when the novel was optioned for a film, and even more surprised when Tom Hanks signed on to star in it. Could he add a dimension of interest and warmth to this flat, fish out of water tale?

Nuns vs Priests in Katy Perry Convent Clash

Katy Perry Convent Clash

Katy PerryUpdate: Katy Perry lawyers roared in court recently, winning the teenage dream girl a victory over the nuns who claim the right to sell their California convent to the buyer of their choice. On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, which which intends to sell the property to Perry for the $14.5 million cash offer she made last summer. Meanwhile, the nuns who previously inhabited the convent had entered into a contract with a prominent Los Angeles restauranteur, who offered $15.5 million for the property. At issue is who exactly has the right to sell the property (See details below). Meanwhile, the nun’s attorney says the game is far from over, and is considering filing an appeal.

Fashion Fling – Prince Style Sings On

Prince Style

By Staci Layne Wilson


When The Purple One died suddenly on Thursday April 21 at the age of 57, the world was stunned.

Not only had we lost a brilliant musician and pop culture pioneer, we would never know what he would have worn next. It was always something stunning. But the Prince style sings on.

Hidden, Historic Hollywood Mansion Gets a Facelift — Come and See!

Historic Hollywood Mansion

I’m about to let you in on one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets: nestled in the hills right above Hollywood Boulevard sits a 47-acre park, anchored by a historic Hollywood mansion built in 1907. The Wattles Mansion, Park and Gardens are now owned by the City of Los Angeles and open to the public, under the management of the Department of Recreation and Parks. While you can stroll through this glamorous estate almost any old time, you really should run up there before April 17th, because some of the area’s hottest designers have recently given the old girl a facelift, and their work is on display at the Wattles Mansion Showcase House, themed “Hollywood, the First Hundred Years.”

ELVIS & NIXON Review — Truth That’s Stranger and Funnier Than Fiction

Elvis & Nixon reviewI like my comedies like I like my men — dry and tasty. Seriously, how can you not enjoy a film that has a tagline of: “On December 1, 1971, two of America’s greatest recording artists met for the first time”? The meeting between the beloved and befuddled king of rock-n-roll and the unloved and unctuous President of the United States is so odd that screenwriters Joey Sagal, Hanala Sagal, Cary Elwes didn’t have to add much to spice up the story. Historians tell us that most of what was on screen really happened.