The Age of Adeline ReviewGet out your tissues and your waterproof mascara: The next great romantic tear jerker has arrived. Seriously, I’m predicting The Age of Adeline is going to go rank among the best-loved romantic movies of all time, right up there with An Affair to RememberSomewhere in Time and The Notebook.

The premise is a simple one, and you can see it currently on the ABC drama Forever. Adelade (Blake Lively, in the role she’s been waiting for her entire career) plays a young woman whose age has been arrested since she was 29, back in the early part of the 20th century. Not wanting to become a known as a freak, prodded as a specimen, or suffer the intense pain of loved ones growing old and dying before her, she goes about the rest of her life living removed emotionally, if not intellectually, from the world–until one fateful night when a handsome stranger pops into her elevator…

Kobe Bryant Sells His OC Mansion (Finally!)

Kobe Bryant Sells

Poor Kobe Bryant. Things just haven’t been going his way lately. Injuries and other problems have plagued the Los Angeles Lakers star on the court, and now less than ideal circumstances have arisen in his own backyard. Kobe appears to be selling his Orange County home in the beach view Pelican Ridge community for at least $1.5 million under his original asking price. Back in 2013, he listed the home for $8.599 million, and it’s been on and off the market ever since, finally finding a after the asking price was adjusted to $6.995 million.

Kobe Bryant sells


Ex machina reviewBy James Mandell

So who inherits the Earth after us? Cockroaches? Hmmm, no opposable thumbs–problem. Likely answer: Self-sufficient AI’s. It’s an easy logic leap. We could eventually create independently thinking/learning machines, tireless super-brains that simply push us aside as antiquated evolutionary flotsam, without so much as a wink to ol’ Charlie D. Just the sort of conceit that could power an elegantly subdued night at the movies.

Open House at the Bates Motel

Open House at the Bates Motel

When you get an invite from Vera Farmiga to an Open House at the Bates Motel, the response is not a simple “yes please,” but a “HELL YESSSSS! And what should I wear and can I bring my lovely and talented husband to snap a photo or two?”

This time of year, with Critics Choice TV Awards and Emmy consideration going into full swing, these types of invites are not all that uncommon, making the time I spend working on the Executive Committee of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association that much more enjoyable. But let me tell you, with this particular event, A&E and Universal were particularly clever, gracious and resourceful in promoting their well-recieved hit Bates Motel.


THE WATER DIVINER ReviewBy Staci Layne Wilson 


The feature directorial debut of Russell Crowe, The Water Diviner, strives to hit a David Lean-style epic note about love and loss in a time of war, but it comes off more like a “Thorn Birds”-type TV melodrama. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I’m all for a little soap and suds, but in this case the story comes up dry. And long. Very, very long.’s Q&A With Lisa Johnson Mandell

Editor’s Note: Every now and then a publication will do a feature on me and I’m grateful for them all, but I particularly loved this one on, because I felt it really captured the essence of what Lisa Johnson Mandell, and, are all about. They have my eternal gratitude for running this.  

Lisa Johnson Mandell at the Malibu Chateau

Q&A with Lisa Johnson Mandell

  • You’ve toured many Hollywood homes and have had the inside scoop on Hollywood realty for years. What is the most lavish thing you’ve ever seen?

The Winklevoss Twins Rent Their Posh Bachelor Pad

Winklevoss Twins rent

Chilling, genetically perfect Ken dolls incarnate or super savvy, All-American investors? Stop! You’re both right! The Winklevoss twins, who stormed the zeitgeist when Armie Hammer portrayed them both so well in David Fincher’s The Social Network, have just barged into the celebrity rental scene, offering their stunning, architecturally significant home in the famed Bird Streets for a staggering $110,000 per month. Compare that to Jessica Alba’s humble $12,000 per month rental.


Saint Laurent ReviewBy Staci Layne Wilson

While Saint Laurent hits the usual biopics beats – young, idealistic talent gets his big break, spirals into a downward spin fueled by life in the fast lane, dies old and alone – there’s little music or melody between those beats. Saint Laurent is a life flashed in highlights and lowlights, with no substance or insight of any kind on the man’s mind and soul.

Super Cool Rock Hudson Home for Sale

Rock Hudson Home for Sale

Truly, it doesn’t get any hipper than this in the Hollywood Hills–or more reasonably priced. Rock Hudson’s former home, built circular in shape to accommodate a helipad, is now on the market for just shy of $2 million.  $1.999,000 to be exact.

Rock Hudson Home for SaleThat’s a pittance in these parts, for a home that’s been so recently renovated and totals 3,287 square feet, including four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Plus, most of the home’s original, coveted and chic Midcentury Modern details remain. It was built in 1959 by by commercial architect Lorand West, who, unfortunately, was never able to get the necessary permits for helicopter usage on the roof. Maybe the new owners will have better luck with that.


Unfriended ReviewBy Staci Layne Wilson

If legendary cinematic showman William Castle were alive today, he’d probably be making movies just like this. You see, Unfriended is a gimmick flick. The action unfolds entirely on the screen of an internet user’s laptop – she checks her email, Googles stuff, goes to Facebook and Skypes with her friends and we see it all in real time.

It’s hardly escapism or relief for we poor eye-strained souls who watch a movie to get away from our everyday lives chained to a computer; as such, the look and feel of Unfriended is anything but cinematic. However, that’s where its strength lies. It feels so real, that when the horror elements kick in it’s like we’re watching a homemade YouTube video, and it’s impossible to look away.